dastardly (adjective). wicked or cowardly

June 3, 2008

It’s been Winter for three days now. And already I miss Summer.
Summer is the time where most flowers bloom, meaning you could buy flowers for your loved one. You can enjoy the sunshine, the beach, and the awesome colours that the Sun reflects so well!
And sure, Winter is good for hugs and hot chocolate, and also the fashion. But wet weather is disgusting. Today was spent in rooms/corridors/library instead of the Quad, soaking in Vitamin D. The day went slow as I was in the mood to sleep. The freezing cold weather meant you couldn’t write properly and always shivering under the indecent school uniform. And as Nessa puts it : “when it rains peoples b.o come alive lmao”(God I love that girl!)
I wish Summer came again quickly, it would mean I would be done with HSC, and partying and travelling :) JOY.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. That means I get to finish school early (12pm!). And head down to the local library for studying. And get Thai Pinto for lunch. And get Usher’s latest album. And get my ultrasound done.
To be honest, as much as I am excited about lunch with Leena, and Usher’s album, the idea of getting an invasive ultrasound is frightening. I am to drink 1L of water before I head off to him, holding in the liquid. My weak and practically useless bladder is in for hard work tomorrow. I’ll start training it tonight. (Y)

There are a bunch of assessments coming up after this Long Weekend. I sure hope I do well in them. I need to in order to improve ranks, as well as my overall marks – all that goes towards me getting that Law degree. Better get back to the chemistry research.:(

To end, here are a few things I wanna say to some people:
Hieulam – Make your blog public so I can read it! :D I long for your thoughts in writing.
*EDIT: And thanks for giving me the chance to legitimately hug Peter (for 4 minutes long !)

Ant – You told me to say that you have bad skin; I beg to differ. You have wonderful skin, the colour of chocolate = yummy :P

Peter Pan
– Good on ya for going with him – it’s good to know you’re displaying your feminine side! See you on the train tomorrow morning. You pretty much make my early mornings much more enjoyable.
*EDIT: And according to Hieulam, you get hugs of me. 3 hugs altogether, each one lasts for 4 minutes, totaling 12 minutes of body to body contact! YAY FOR ME :D

Abarnanana – Hope you get better babe. :) (I know you will, seeing you be so mature and okay about the fact people dastardly play with your emotions. (L))

Hamish and Andy – I love you guys! The replay of the song interview with Kelly Rowland. HAHAHA! “Please that ass!” (If you want a listen, go podcast it! @ hamishandandy.com)

Donkey Kong – My dad thinks you’re a beautiful mix. LOL. (As do I, of course. You know what else I think is beautiful? Your chest bump. :D)

Ken – Thank you for teaching me your skills. I have pretty MSN font colour as well now!

Nessa – Good luck on Thursday! You are beautiful to me all the time sunshine!

P.S: I tried goat’s milk today. It’ll taste like a farm in your mouth – a mix of hay and poo.
P.P.S: I bought a Hurlstone centenary scarf today. I was thick and warm :)


9 Responses to “dastardly (adjective). wicked or cowardly”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    It’ll taste like a farm in your mouth – a mix of hay and poo.

  2. An Says:

    i regret not tasting that goat’s milk now :)

    i’m the colour of chocolate?
    LOL why thankyou :)

  3. Ken Says:

    Chocolate is the colour of poo.

  4. Maggiesnail Says:

    I initially was going to put ‘poo’, but then I thought to myself that An is nicer than ‘poo’. So I went with ‘chocolate’.

    (is that even much of a euphemism?)

  5. Lisaweesa Says:

    full of substance maggie. commendo!

    love lisa.

  6. Peter Says:

    WHAT? my feminine side? how bout u shaddup and atleast not call me peter pan,
    u also make everymorning of mine shit …

    jksjks lawl

  7. Jenny Says:

    =) i have something for you some time soon i predict it to be 10-14 days! i hope you will like them <3

  8. maggiesnail Says:

    oooo! How exciting! :D
    Thank you Jenny! (L)

    Peter. You don’t look as beautiful without the sun today.
    But I still think you’re beautiful. Because I like you like that already.

  9. dimitrios Says:

    i s2 your blog
    its ever so representative of all things that follow the philosophy of postmodernism.

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