facetious (adjective). funny or trying to be funny, esp. at inappropiate times

June 5, 2008

Hieu. Bad news mans. No foetal development whatsoever. I’m as healthy as a working bee.
But give it 5 years. I’ll call you when I get the scans. :)

Hugs are great (as mentioned in past post). They’re pretty much a renowned pick-me-up. They’re easy to give, keeps both/all parties happy and warm, and best of all: they are absolutely free. :)
As part of the deal between Hieu/Darren (one of the people in this country to actually has tried Hamish & Andy’s People’s Chip. Lucky!) and Peter, I could give Peter hugs of up to twelve minutes in duration. Today, I exercised one of the twelve minutes of hugs – it was a strange sensation; I literally got chills down my spine and everywhere(LOL!). I mean, we are talking about Peter. When I first met him, I honestly thought he wanted me dead. The only responses I’d ever get from him was “Shut up” or “Fuck you”. But ‘LOL’, I found it funny.
And now. We’re friends. :) Joy! Looking forward to many more hugs Peter Pan (L)

It’s raining again today. But it didn’t affect me at all :D. I had quite a pleasant day. Recess was spent queuing to pay for the Yr 12 Jersey and Mr G’s room. The boys played around with George’s pens, swapping lids and all, making him paranoid about them. For those who don’t know George, he’s a boy who has this obsessive compulsive disorder for the way things are place in his pencil case. So pretty much what it comes down to is that he can’t stand pens placed in different ways. It’s funny. Haha. But George is cool like that. (Y)

Year assemblies today. Got our half-yearly reports. Above average for all my subjects, so I’m quite happy on that account. But my Mathematics and Mathematics Ext 1 marks disappoint me. Hopefully, after dropping Ext 2 Maths, I can focus on the upcoming tasks and climb some ranks.
We were also informed of the School Social’s theme: The Village People. I originally really wanted to go as a hippy (still want to go as a hippy). But after Google-ing The Village People for some inspiration, the idea of the construction work isn’t that bad :). Lookie (courtesy of Hieulam’s Google-ing skills)

The Village People
Yeah. The construction-worker look ain’t that bad, so I’m considering it. Was talking to Jenny about what would suit Tien. The choice was blatantly obvious, the policeman costume – but just a bit more kinky! ;)

And as I finish up, I’ve realised I haven’t used ‘facetious’ in a sentence yet. :(

Have a blast these long weekends kids. Study hard so we can own Chemistry! (and Agriculture to a certain extent).

P.S: Nessa got her L’s, but her GHD officially died. RIP Nessa’s GHD (I am not trying to be facetious at a time like this)

There I used it.


11 Responses to “facetious (adjective). funny or trying to be funny, esp. at inappropiate times”

  1. hieusy Says:


    tien would suit the biker dude more lol

  2. daniel Says:

    whats a GHD?

    tien should just come naked.

    verryyy niiice

  3. Peter Says:

    Your lucky hieu is my homeboy coz i dun give them hugs to anyone …

    i still want u dead, just having got around to , since last year lol

  4. george Says:

    lol i feel like a retard.i thought the pens were suppose to spell something so i stood there trying to find it hahahhahaha

  5. Ken Says:

    GHD = leet hair straightener.
    I want one just so I can be like ‘LOL I HAVE GHD!’

  6. Shimene Says:

    LOL @ george’s comment!

    the theme of the social was very unexpected!
    I agree, what happened to the hippy theme?

  7. Maggiesnail Says:

    i dont know. but i was really looking forward to dressing up like one.

  8. myemye Says:

    Goes to show that the School Captain’s word overpowers all. I wanted to come in a Jamaican hat and mocasins =(

    LOLLL@you George!

  9. tienn Says:

    ummm…sorry daniel but i am not coming naked
    HARDGAY all the way


  10. Ken Chen Says:

    lol mye is so right…

    prefects had no idea about that theme all along until year assembly =X

    they say its a prefect run event… but it seems more like a captain run event to me ==”

    and lol at tien ^^; brings back memories of the informal…

  11. maggiesnail Says:

    LOL! yeah. THAT hat!

    Prefects should overhaul the decision if its not an agreed one!
    SOCIAL = _________ vs __________
    theme would be a good idea (maggie reckons)

    Donkey Kong. I’m so post-modern like that.

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