gaiety (noun). cheerfulness; merry-making

June 6, 2008

Firstly, to Hieulam: Sorry that I couldn’t go library and be an oompa loompa with you. It was because of the eventful night I had, so I slept right past 9am, and woke up at 11 instead.

Last night, I was dubbed Peter’s home girl! :D Exciting is it not? The mere status brings me joy and gaiety.
Peter is a funny boy. I really want to date him one day, but not right now because Agriculture is more important than him :P And when I date him, I want him to meet my brother, so he can distinguish between Eric’s voice and Hieulam’s-pretend-Eric voice.

My brother is a pretty homosexual being, and I love him to bits because he isn’t afraid to show it. Just today, when I got so bored of Water Quality Management and its effects on farmers, I decided to play with his tennis kit. My first couple of hits were, pretty much, noob. The ball didn’t go very far, and returned rolling instead of flying back. And just as I was about to pack up and give-up on it, a familiar –
(hold up, Mum’s callin’)

-OMG. WE FINALLY CAUGHT THE MOUSE! THE STICKY THING WORKS! Haha. It was about a month ago I saw a little mouse in the cupboard of my room. And I told dad about it, so he bought this sticky thing to humanely trap the mouse. And just now, we caught it!
The mouse was really small and cute. It was probably the size of 2 of my big toe. (L)

Anyway, back to my brother. As I was saying, I was about to give up this rare opportunity to be fit, but then a familiar voice screamed out “You go girlfriend!”. I turned around. It was my brother, in his rollerblades. I chuckled to myself, then started to hit the ball again. And before you know it, The ball was flying – what a sight! :D I think I was having too much fun and hitting it too hard. The ball un-knotted from the rubber string, and flew on to the roof of the garage :( So no more tennis for the meantime.

Point was: I wish people were more like my brother. Openly expressing what he wants to, even if it is his feminine side. I know some people who are quite… how would you put it, homophobic, about being in touch with their feminine side, like my dad. It doesn’t piss me off or anything, but I reckon life would be so much more fun and carefree if you just let go. No one is going to think less of you for being whom you are.
I would say: Well done to those guys who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Well done to those who aren’t afraid to try something new. And to those guys who’ve openly said they use the hair straightener on Hamish and Andy’s show, well done.
Brings more gaiety to the world if you ask me;) (Kudos to me for using the word twice already!)

Hamish and Andy have gone on holidays. So for the next two weeks,their 4pm-6pm radio show will now be on re-run. No fun! :(

Usher’s Something Special is on repeat at the moment. It’s a beautifully composed song. I love it. As I don’t have that special someone yet, the song brings about an air of anticipation, and makes me excited about this prospect of meeting someone who’s gonna make me feel invincible and very, very happy. :)

I think we’ve got something special. You and me, together we’ll take over the world

Let’s hope we dream of something good tonight.


12 Responses to “gaiety (noun). cheerfulness; merry-making”

  1. Leena Says:

    (8) i think we’ve got something special
    girl you and me
    together we’ll take over the world (8)

  2. Leena Says:

    LOL uhh they were supposed to be msn notes. but yeah. ^^

  3. tienn Says:

    eric…if you are reading this

    i hope you see Peter Phrakaysone sometimes soon, cause you are going to be seeing a lot of him


  4. maggiesnail Says:

    omg Leena! you’re too cool.
    you unlocked the (H) (on msn) emoticon.
    its 8 ) on SIK! 8)

  5. Peter Says:

    lol, sif agriculture is more important …
    and when i meet eric, he better not sound like hieu’spretenderic voice -_-
    i a m n o t f u n n y

  6. Peter Says:

    your bro sounds gangster, he should work for me

  7. Vanessa Says:

    LOL! I think you’re cute, Maggie.

    Keep up the cute blogs.. ;)

  8. TIMSUN Says:

    Maggie’s blogging thoroughly puts me to shame.

  9. myemye Says:

    Like I just said to Leena, your blogs have now become everyone’s daily read. Like the newspaper. Only to be enjoyed at night instead

  10. Ken Says:

    I was a hustler and a player girl, before I met you.
    I drink a little something, then hit a little some before I met you.
    But how you made a difference, look what I been missing.
    You got my life together and I thank you forever.
    I really used to throw a lot before I met you.
    But I do one every night and sometimes I had two.
    But all that done changed my game, my frame of mind you got it right and I love you life girl I love you for life.

  11. Thomas Says:

    Hey Maggie!
    I’m lovin’ your blog entries, keep up the great work!
    Haha, i unintentionally sound like a teacher now don’t i?

    Oh and, i love the words for the title – very unique and original! :-) i just learnt quite a few and i think i’ll incorporate it in my story writing.

    Anyways, take care!

  12. Maggiesnail Says:

    Thomas! :D
    I’m glad i’m helping you build on your already-very-wide-range of vocabulary.
    Go own Ext 1. english! (L)

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