imbroglio (noun). confusing and complicated situation

June 8, 2008

Can someone out in my area tell me what the occasion is? I hear fireworks going off now (5:30pm). I wanna party too! Take me away from the HSC :(

Today, being a Sunday, I attend Mathematics tutoring for two hours in the morning. As I hopped in early today, I started conversing with this boy at tutor. He goes by the name Peter (not Peter Pan). Since his name was Peter, I decided to tell him stories about Peter (Pan). Not long after my story, and before I finished my story, the boy decided that I was ‘whipped’.

I was shocked,appalled, and felt very defensive. If there’s anything that gets me worked up more than gay rights, it’s individualism. I strongly believe in individuality, the individual, and the potential impact they may have in this society. I believe that I am a very individual person, my dad says so himself. All my life, no one has ever had control over me that I didn’t need. If anybody ever tries to control me, I’ll more or less, rebel. It’s as simple as that.

So when this Peter guy decided to call me ‘whipped’, I was in an imbroglio. First of all, I didn’t fully understand what the term ‘whipped’ meant, only the fact that it involves losing your dignity and individuality. So I pretty much had an argument based on my understand and Ken’s definition of ‘whipped’ (a mere example). Obviously, that wasn’t good enough, because after not even 2 mintues, I pretty much decided not to argue.

I decided to ask someone else what ‘whipped’ meant.

hieu says:
whipped is where your pretty much controlled by someone

Hieulam’s definition was straightforward, and after little deliberation, it was unanimous that I’m, in fact, NOT ‘whipped’. So that’s sorted, and thank you Hieulam. (L)

After tutor, I paid a visit to Cabramatta Library to do two things: print off Chemistry Research Assessment (I bumped into Lai and her boyfriend) and to do some Mathematics and Mathematics Ext 1 revision. I printed off my Research, but never got around to actually do some revision. This was due to the fact that:
i) I had forgotten the useless Simpson’s Rule (Cambridge’s method) for approximating integrals; and
ii) There was loads of resources on Legal Issues, especially concerning Family Law. So I started the Legal Studies Research instead :)
Agriculture is totally being ignored today because I’m busy with Nessa’s 17th Birthday Card.

Something just popped into my mind:
To the cute boy in a grey shirt/tank on the ground floor of the Library. Hi! I saw you at the bus stop on Saturday afternoon in the same grey shirt/tank ;)

Sorry about that (AND OMG! I somehow made the border of this window disappear! :O).

I bought this blouse today. I’ve been looking for one for a very long time. And finally (!) I found one that is made of silk at a decent price. I plan to wear this to Nessa’s birthday night out! How exciting. I finally get to see her and Bonnie again! :D

It has come to my attention that MSN is ridiculously stripping me of my homework/study time. I plan to not to sign back into MSN after we head back to school this Tuesday. I’ll still be on for blogging purposes, so contact me here! Or give me a call/send an email; Or if its not urgent, I love finding things for me in my letterbox :)

I should finish off Nessa’s card, continue with a bit more on Agriculture, and then snuggle in for tonight’s free-to-air TV. Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters!

I also love Gilmore Girls on Sunday afternoons.

EDIT: Kevin proposed to Scotty on Brothers & Sisters. Scotty is so cute: “You wanna marry me because I changed the light bulb?”
LOL. (L)


11 Responses to “imbroglio (noun). confusing and complicated situation”

  1. Hieusy Says:

    haha reminds me of the guy i saw at the library on 3 consecutive days. he was wearing the same thing on all 3 occasions.

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    Yeah, what the hell? You can’t be “whipped”; if you’re a girl, it’s not being “whipped”, it’s called “domestic violence”.

    Also I don’t particularly think you’re subservient to anyone.

  3. maggiesnail Says:

    Thankyou Timothy.
    That means a lot to me.

  4. Julie Says:

    I have been hearing fireworks too! But i heard it yesterday!

  5. Ken Says:

    I used to be worth my weight in gold, that was before the great depression kicked in and rocked us and that was before the hurricane came in and stopped us. I told you to leave, but you lied to me when you said that ‘baby no worries, I promise to get us back’.
    I know sorry’s just wouldn’t do it, her heart is obliterated, I’m trying to travel through.

  6. Maggiesnail Says:

    But it’s like moving mountains

  7. Ken Says:

    No it’s not?
    I heard fireworks too at Jason’s house! Actually not me specifically, but all the asian parents/kids were running around ‘OMG FIREWORKS!!!’

  8. maggiesnail Says:

    I hope you gave Jason a big fat hug Ken! (:

  9. Peter Says:

    Looks like i gotta pay him a visit..
    cos there can be only one peter >=O

    dun tell me ur present is a card ? lol

  10. dimittrios Says:

    according to

    4. whipped 300 up, 111 down

    Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your real friends for her, being a little bitch, answering to the crack of the voice, Ray and Schaub

  11. Thomas Says:

    Wow, Peter is still the same; immature and childish.

    I remember the term “whipped” My friends used it awhile ago. I remember them saying: “Gee, that guy is fully dick-whipped”
    I thought it meant turkey slap, like flicking your johnson around. (LOL, I KNOW!) But it means that he was being controlled by his girlfriend. Everywhere she went, he followed like a dog.

    Honestly, i don’t believe you’re whipped. Don’t take what comes out of his mouth seriously. In the end, you’re obviously the smarter and mature one.

    Anyways, I look forward to reading your next blog, and as someone mentioned previously, “it has become a daily read”

    Cheers Maggie!

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