jaunty (adjective). cheerful, lively, and self-confident; smart

June 9, 2008

The four-day long weekend had finally come to an end. I’m looking forward to going back to school, even though the Chemistry Assessment is due then, and we have to sit an examination in first period ._.
Furthermore, this coming Thursday is an Agriculture Assessment. I think I might just hyperventilate now, let me go grab a paper bag.

Inspired by Hieulam, I went on a jog today. I was aiming for an hour, but only lasted 30 minutes. I felt nauseous afterwards, but Gary says its probably because I’m not used to it.
Nevertheless, it was a good jog. It was good stress release. I came back ready to do Agriculture again (I’ve only got a couple of questions to go!). So, I’ve decided to go on daily (morning) jogs. It should be good. I just hope I adhere to this plan. I’m going to start off with 30 minutes each day, then build on after that. By the end of the month, I hope to do 45 minutes to and hour (Y). I am to sleep at 9 o’clock, and wake up at 5 o’clock. Weightloss: here I come!

(It just hit me: I’m terrified now. Chemistry is imminent!)

My brother is a funny boy. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving him. Haha. Just today, after he got back from purchasing his snow gloves and goggles, he went to the Toilet in his rollerblades (Yes, he skates around the god damn house with skates on, which subsequently, causes some tiles to crack). But yes, during his potty-break, he screamed. I thought “Wth? ^o)”. He comes out, and says, “There is a cockroach!”
And look down, and the cockroach was on its back, helplessly struggling to get back up.

Now, you should know, that above all things, I can’t stand cockroaches. They are disgusting, and their legs are sticky and gruesome. And when you squish them, they reek. Eww. So logically, I told my brother to “kill it”. His response was: I’m not going to kill human nature.
I LOL’d. Then he LOL’d. He realised that instead of saying ‘mother nature’ he said ‘human nature’. Then I broke out in song, “I’ll be there, to love and comfort youuu!~~”
And I discovered today that my brother also can’t wink! Well, he can, but he cant do one eye (I forget which one). Amazing. I’ve found someone else who can’t wink properly.

My mind is too distracted with Chemistry to blog properly.

Sorry guys. Better jaunty blog next time.
Pinky promise.


12 Responses to “jaunty (adjective). cheerful, lively, and self-confident; smart”

  1. Ken Says:

    I can only wink with my..left eye and if I try with my right eye, my face just goes retarded. Isn’t that normal?

  2. hieusy Says:

    Freaks. Sif you cant wink with both. I’m evolved :D:D:D

    And YESSS, I’ve inspired someone.

  3. Shirley Says:

    When i try to wink, my other eye blinks along.

  4. emmapemma. Says:

    hi maggie!
    i somehow stumbled across your blog so i thought i’d leave a message :) hehehe. oh i wish i was as motivated as you to go jogging in the mornings! GO MAGGIEE! wooo hoooo :)

  5. Julie Says:

    Go Maggiiee! Jogging in the mornings (Y) I really need to start that up again but knowing me i’m a lazy bugger and probably won’t so i am nowhere close to weightloss :(

    I think it is very cute, you and your brother have such a close bond with each other :)

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    Emma! :)
    I didn’t see you on this bus this morning :(
    I was hoping to see your cheery-half-asleep face this morning.
    LOL! Wear that bra mans!

  7. Leena Says:

    HATE (not really) MAIL: no chilli jam fried rice >=(

    i would have posted this (not so) agressive comment on your new entry if you had one. but alas i am forced to comply to your terms. oooo your in for it big time maggiesnail.

    i HATE (codeword for love but lets just go with ‘WAAA NO FOOD *sooks*’) you.

    the end.

  8. Leena Says:

    and there was not supposed to be a wink >_>

  9. maggiesnail Says:

    LOL! That wink just alleviates all the hate slash sooking for no chilli jam friend rice ;)

  10. emmapemma. Says:

    hahahahaaaaaaaaaa… yeah well it’s very cold in the mornings so i have to sleep in for an extra 30mins! hehehe. i’m always late to school :(
    OH YES UR FAVOURITE SPOTTIE BRAAAA! i remember when u sms’d me and told me you liked it… YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!! :D it’s been through lots of wear now i don’t think i should wear it incase it falls apart in public. don’t want that happening do we maggie! lol oh well i’ll see u soon. this blog shall be bookmarked! :) yay

  11. maggiesnail Says:

    (That means they’re growing! YAY!)

  12. Leena Says:

    no. NO. chilli jam fried rice death stares remain. >=(

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