kaput (adjective). ruined or broken

June 10, 2008

(kaput is pronounced as ka-poot, and is an informal term. I was a bit weary using an informal word, so if you guys don’t like it, tell me and I shall not embark on anymore slangs/colloquials/informal language! :) )

I was just reading Timothy’s blog earlier this afternoon. Not even half way through his latest post, I became extremely envious of his top-notch English. I wish I had language control and English skills such as yours Timothy. It’s beautiful (a lot like how Maths flows; I know you’re gonna scorn me for comparing your English to Maths, but that’s the only analogy I could think of. Absolutely beautiful.)

I woke up at 5:30am instead of 5am today. This was because I stayed up an extra half-an hour last night due to blogging. I still had my intended daily morning jogs, and BOY! was it refreshing. It was dark, it was foggy, but the air was fresh, crisp, and I had it all to myself. It felt good! After the half hour, I was barely sweating due to the chilliness, but again, I was nauseous. I think my body still needs to adjust to this change. The cardiovascular muscles have been dormant for quite some time now.

I suppose the jog made the day all the more enjoyable – I was ‘pumped’ for the day. I felt like nothing could hurt me; I felt invincible (LOL! I can be quite naive at times). But the nerves for Chemistry weren’t completely diminished. 8 o’clock at the library, and it was fuller than usual. Predictably, HSC Chemistry students were revising the notes they had prepared the weekend before. I placed myself across from Tien, and observed him studying. I suppose he knew what I was thinking, as he taught me some things about naming haloalkanes that I hadn’t picked up. Alicia also came to help! So thank you to Alicia and Tien for correctly teaching me to systematically name haloalkanes (2 marks for me~! YAY :D). Besides that question, all the rest were a blur. The questions asked wanted specific answers, and I had no idea how to answer them appropriately. So although I finished, I know some answers were a bit dodgy/brief and I don’t feel too good about that.
Unlike normal days, I saw Peter quite often today. What disappoints me is that I failed to give him hugs on all those occasions, even though I planned to. I shall plant one on him tomorrow. (GOODIE!)

At 6pm everyday, I turn on my TV and snuggle in to watch Friends. However, today, my attention was diverted to a news report regarding the abortion of a trail because the jury in session were not attentive. (The news appeared 20 minutes later on smh.com). I was appalled at this.
As a Legal Studies student, I try to pay attention and keep track on what’s happening in today’s society. Most of the time, I just am not bothered with the lot of it. But today’s report sparked an unsaid (until now) argument between me and juries of that one million dollar trial.
To those who get the lucky chance of being called to jury-duty, don’t waste your chance to play a part in justice. Until I’m 18, I don’t get what you take for granted, so use your chance, play that important role and carry out justice. Don’t allow the media to make you believe you’re part of a big system, you make up the system. I sincerely DO NOT want to believe the legal system is losing its touch. I truly want to enter one that has strong ties with society. I mean, part of the whole reason why I want to be a legal practitioner in the first place is to get a chance to carry out justice.
But with you guys just flicking jury duty off your face like an annoying fly, means pretty much you’ve wasted time and taxpayer’s money. I hope you’re happy. *raspberry*

(My dad still treats me like a kid. I hate it. He just came in and said something to me, in a very, very paternalistic manner. I mean HELLO, I’m nearly 18. Talk to me in a decent manner, I don’t need lectures anymore. It seems that the fact that I’m nearly an adult hasn’t struck him)
That reminds me of my new prac-teacher for Legal. He treats us like we’re 2 year olds, and spoon feeds us everything (or so I feel). I hate it. I want my old teacher back!

I was suppose to talk about something else, but I suppose that’s enough ranting for today! I better get back onto Agriculture. Two more questions (8 marks each :(), then its time to eat it up and remember it all!

EDIT: I just realised I’m growing a chest pimple (just like yours Donkey Kong).  How do you make it go away? :S


8 Responses to “kaput (adjective). ruined or broken”

  1. Ken Says:

    Legal Studies is le homosexual.
    News is le homosexual.
    Friends is le awesome.
    Ergo, Friends > News.
    Ergo, you suck for watching news over Friends.
    Ergo, POOO!

  2. Julie Says:

    Oh man, I so know what you mean about the dad thing. My dad was being total ______ today >.>”

  3. myemye Says:

    HEY MAGGIE! :P you didn’t use the word of the day in your blog hehehe! You cutie =P

  4. Peter Says:

    Calm down

  5. daniel Says:

    she used the letters of the ‘word of the day’ in her blog.
    jesus christ

  6. David Says:

    hello maggie!
    i thought i should leave you a comment.
    ok bye now.

  7. maggiesnail Says:

    David! :)
    LOL! You’re random avatar would have to be the coolest one yet!

    Hope this finds you doing well.

  8. Vivien Says:

    Speaking of avoiding jury duty, one man in Australia tried to get out of jury duty because the voices in his head told him not to go.

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