lachrymose (adjective). tearful; sad

June 13, 2008

Before we start today’s post, I would like to apologise for the relative lack of blogging. I shall try to keep this blog as updated as possible, without causing any detrimental effects to my HSC (overall).

I love Fridays. There is nothing better than a Friday, because the school week ends and its presents an opportunity to either unwind, or catch up on needed work.
This weekend, I shall endeavour to effectively study for the upcoming Mathematics Task and the Mathematics Ext 1 Task, all to occur within three days of each other. I daresay the three days would allow a decent amount of study time for the Ext 1 task, so I’m going to allocate all of tomorrow and Sunday morning for the study of Permutations and Combinations, Differentiation and Integration of Trigonometric Functions, and Inverse Functions. What scares me most is the Permutations and Combinations topic.
Mathematics should be okay: Integration (Areas and Volumes; Approximations and the Integral), the Exponential Function and the Logarithmic Function.
(Both tasks have a 20% weighting)

I love Fridays because it gives me Maggie time. I can go jogging (but I’ve already done some this morning, at 5:30am, under stars. It’s the coolest feeling to wake up and see twinkling stars).
Right now, I am watching Atonement, a very picturesque film with a lachrymose ending. Thank you to Peter Pan for supplying me with a bunch of movies fit for the weekend (L). I plan to go either borrow/buy the book, written by Ian McEwan. I think it would be nice to read the written work, see how it differs from the film and whatnot.
Later, I plan to hop onto MSN so as to catchup with a few people, and to pick out something to wear for the School Social. I have decided to shy away from the Village People theme and NOT go as a construction worker. Instead, I’m going to go as a hippy! YAY :)

What I love more than Fridays is Mondays, because the week starts again! I get to see all those friendly faces again, and hug people outside of the family. An even cooler feeling. And that pretty much helps me overcome the amount of homework/assessments we as HSC students get. So: I (L) Mondays.
Can’t wait until it’s Monday again.

I want a typewriter. All this non-diegetic typewriter sound from Atonement is very influential, and has made me want one. The idea of just typing aimlessly away, just to hear the sound, us beautiful. Although, admittedly, it;s going to be a bitch if a typo occurs. I’m thinking of using this film as an additional text for Module C. I think it would work very well, but am not sure of how to form a discussion on such a difficult and dark movie. We’ll see.

P.S: Alicia realised that I failed to use the word ‘kaput’ in my last entry, so my streak is kaput. (There, I used the word:))


9 Responses to “lachrymose (adjective). tearful; sad”

  1. lisa Says:

    maggie atonement is awesome moovee!
    very studious maggie! heres to raping the maths assessments– however i must say i am not looking forward to ze 4unit :(
    goodluck with the studies.
    much love, lisa

  2. Thomas Says:

    You’ve blogged again. I’ve been refreshing your page for quite awhile now.haha
    Its nice to know that you’re jogging and keeping fit. That awesome of you! Repaying your body. :)

  3. Julie Says:

    Such dedication with the jogging! I would love to wake up and feel ready to jog but waking up is the hardest part for me! >.>”

    Goodluck with the math tests! I have mine comming up too! TT” I should really head off soon to study for it.


  4. maggiesnail Says:

    you’re avatar reminds me of the Pokemon! (forgot its name:S)

    And you’re gonna do heaps well in 4unit. Not to worry. (Y)

  5. myemye Says:

    Maggie, you are SO studious. I really wish I had that kind of drive. And ditto what Julie said.

    =P I never would’ve noticed that you didn’t use the word if you hadn’t said so yourself silly!

  6. TIMSUN Says:

    It’s petty, but I don’t like Atonement because it was one of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture this year that wasn’t Juno. =/

  7. daniel Says:

    kaput sounds like what you would do in a toilet

  8. daniel Says:

    OH and the pokemon maggie
    isit bellsprout?
    the evolved form.. umm…

  9. maggiesnail Says:

    LOL! YEAH! That Pokemon! (Y)

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