machismo (noun). exaggerated or strong masculinity

June 14, 2008

Newton Faulkner’s album, Hand Built By Robots, is a beautifully composed album. The tone, chords and lyrics are ingenious and spectacular. I love it, there’s not one track that is dull (except for maybe ‘Dream Catch Me’ because it is over publicised). It’s perfect for the weekends. (: If you have dosh, go purchase it. If not, go leech it off someone, and treat your ears to some candy!
(Thank you Leena for giving me his album :D)

Saturday mornings are the best mornings of the week. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the sun is shining ever-so brightly. It’s a shame that I slept in today. I totally let slip 3 hours of potential Mathematics study.
But not to worry. I headed off to the library for some decent work done. I think I’m set for Mathematics, and ready to move onto Ext 1 study. YAY!
(Strike the comment I made about ‘Dream Catch Me’ being dull. It’s playing right now, and I’m still loving it!)

During the course of studying at the library, I finally had the opportunity to meet Leena’s dad, who has been perceived to be the epitome of machismo; conservative, strict, with a strong standing moustache. Put shortly: A Nazi.
So when I was trekking away, trying to solve some logarithmic differential, the aura of something powerful was nearing. I looked up, and saw the faces of Leena, Mye, Derick and Hieu looking up behind me. I turned my head around:
It was a tall, dark (and I daresay handsome) Indian man, namely Leena’s dad.

Leena introduced each and everyone of us. I was so excited about meeting Leena’s dad for a very, very (very!!!) long time, and at long last, we finally met. I told him how excited I was to finally meet him, and he very nicely said something about knowing the names but not seeing the faces. In the end, I’ve concluded that Leena’s dad isn’t the Nazi people point him out to be. He’s a very nice man. He left not long after.
It was very exhilarating meeting him in the library. It was pretty much the highlight of my day! :)

I love MSN more now, thanks to the new revelation that conversation tabs can be all listed down the side bar, instead of the top. Thank you to Ken for showing me this cool feature. Now, its so much easier to see who’s speaking instead of pressing the arrow. You guys should go do it too! :)
It’s part of the Plus! feature -> preferences…. you’ll find it. :)

I find the word verifications/anti-spam codes a strain to my eyes. Like the other day, i was trying to post a comment on The Sartorialist‘s space, and it took me a good minute to determine the letters that were fused in together, jumbled and in a very oblique shape. I don’t like that. But we need them. Much like yucky tasting medicine.

My head is currently flowing with thoughts about certain people in my life. I shall not disclose whom, but I’m probably talking to you on MSN right now.
My head is also flooded with all these Maths formulas. It buzzes around when its not needed, and come exam day, blanks on me. I hate how my mind works like that :(

I shall go and reiterate my maths skills now.

P.S: I seriously love the shade of my Nudies now. (L)(L) They’ve gone unwashed for a good 15 months!


8 Responses to “machismo (noun). exaggerated or strong masculinity”

  1. Pho sure Says:

    Yeah my head is filling with maths too…it’ll go for a while but it’ll be back -_-

    First post!

  2. Hieusy Says:

    leena’s dad isn’t as intimidating as i had pictured.

    and, how do you always manage to write in my diary without my noticing?

  3. Hung Says:

    MAGGIE !
    God I didn’t realise you had a blog xD sorry I never passed by lmao.

    hehe leena’s dad’s good looking aye ? Wonder where Leena gets her uglyyynesssss from xD j/k LOL she’s guna kill me.

    GL in your exams =)

  4. Thomas Says:

    i love my nudies too! (L)

  5. emmapemma. Says:

    yay nudies! lol take a picture! i wanna see the colour. too bad mines the prewashed ones :(. wow 15 months thats a very long time!

    p.s: good seeing you this early morning at 6:50am :)

  6. reila Says:

    sup maggie? :)
    i love you!
    and request a copy of this album.
    i’ve been meaning to get it :)

  7. Leena Says:

    I’m beautiful.
    You just jealous baby. :)

  8. daniel Says:

    Is that the pokemon sudowoodo in your nudies or are you happy to see me?

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