namby-pamby (adjective). sentimental or insipid

July 7, 2008

It has been a while, I know. But circumstances have made it near impossible to blog.
I am deeply sorry if I’ve caused you to waste download in hopes of finding a new post, only to find the same old post that you’ve already read.
So to redeem myself, I shall make this post a worthwhile one, okay? (:

I should probably explain why I haven’t been on since ‘machismo’.
The merciless HSC is the main reason. The last round of assessments before the trials came tumbling down like an avalache of the Andes. It seemed like a never ending cycle of tasks.
Admittedly, I didn’t perform as well as I wanted, especially for Legal Studies. I totally got slaughtered and lost my rank of 1. :( Not cool.
(I promised myself I’m gonna get it back after the Trials.)

Besides the HSC, the other reason I couldn’t come on and blog was because my internet was non-existent. Telstra incompetence meant I had to wait a whole two weeks to pop back on. My contract had expired, and they failed to inform us of this. We had to re-apply for a new contract, which meant more waiting around and doing nothing until the installation package had arrived.

The package came on Monday.  But I didn’t have time to install it until Wednesday night.  It wouldn’t install properly- no DSL establishment. They said they would send a repair man to my place on Friday night.

So without the net, and assessments finally completed on Wednesday afternoon, I decided to go visit my grandmother at the nursing home. It has been a long while since I’ve visited to her, so I was really afraid that she would forget who I was. These worries vanished when she said my name. It was a nice and pleasant visit, and dare I say, very emotional visit. I do miss her, a lot. I had to leave early because I had 3U tutor to attend to.

When mum came to pick me up from tutor, she told me our house had been broken into. Lost heaps- insurance shall cover (hopefully). Thank God the crooks that broke in lacked any taste in clothing or literature. All my clothing and DVDs were not taken.

So yes, I hope you would heartily agree that these circumstances restricted me coming online to blog. I’m glad I’m back on though, can’t wait to go visit all those blogs listed to the right! :)
And to go get a new hit of music- Usher’s album is a bit drowning after 1824718927 repeats. I’ve come to appreciate some RnB music after hearing it over the phone, so I’m gonna go get some Chris Brown and NeYo now :) Also Twisted by Brain McFadden!
AND -omg- get onto to read. I had to buy The Australian yesterday because I was that desperate for some news. I felt completely disconnected and disenfranchised without it.
And I shall pop onto MSN to check emails and view some pictures of the new pair of Ksubi’s Jenny’s getting for me! :) YAY!

The word for today’s post was originally found in the Webster in the HAHS library by Donkey Kong. He wrote quite a fair few definitions from the dictionary, but I couldn’t be bothered typing it all out, so instead, I went to look for a simple definition.
To be honest, I don’t know who to use the word properly. It seems to be on of those words that cancel each other out, a paradox (?), I think. So if something cancels something else, you would get one, or it would be non-existent. I don’t know, I’m at a complete lost now ._.
If you want to attempt to use the word ‘namby-pamby’, go on ahead. But I shall fail at using the word for this post.

Abarna called! I haven’t seen her since Tuesday last week! I miss her heaps. Good luck for tomorrow’s interview dear! And well done for getting callbacks sweetie! :)
I don’t think I’ll be seeing you these holidays, Studying calls. But I shall see you back at school, all prepped for the Trials. (:

The unrelenting HSC again haunts these holidays, and places an invisible shield that forbids me to go out and date people these holidays :( I’m sorry to the special kids who I said I would date, I promise I will date you after the HSC, okay?
These holidays will be spent doing studies and prepping for the heavy-weighting Trials, that start three weeks into Term 3. My brain will hopefully be working like Giles’ brain when we get back to school. (LOL! I highly doubt it, but I shall aim high!)

My menstrual cycle has regulated out, with healthy eating and exercise. Since the start of the holidays, (Friday for myself), I have been going on those early morning jogs again. It feels so good. :) Hopefully, this will prevent PMSing, and hence I shall not be namby-pamby. (YAY! I used it, but does that work?:S)


7 Responses to “namby-pamby (adjective). sentimental or insipid”

  1. Julie Says:

    I see that you are online so I know you must have updated and you have! :D

    Goodluck with studying for trials!

  2. Leena Says:

    hello darling.
    considering my current isolation in the meadows of revesby, i feel quite at a loss at the discovery of your house break-in and your no holiday-date policy.
    that makes me sad.
    however, if you have any plans of visiting cabramatta library, tell me!
    cause i am thinking it would be easier for me to get to cab library and pretend to be asian as opposed to visiting my home liverpool library. one train as opposed to two.
    so keep me notified lovely.
    my presence on msn will be fairly limited.
    not by choice, or because of hsc..but simply cause i cant drain my sisters net without being slaughtered.
    happy internetting. :)

    im horrified by the intensity of these feelings, but reading and then commenting on your blog has made me miss you at quite overwhelming levels.
    i think i feel pms coming on.
    oh deary me. i feel so nmaby-pamby.

    oh gosh if i miss you this much after a few days, how insane am i going to go post-HSC.
    nooooo. must not think about it.

    i shall now go and destroy these butterflies.
    which are a result of my namby-pamby feelings.

    love you mags.

    p.s. i used the WORD twice. :)

  3. Maggiesnail Says:

    i totally got owned :(
    you used the word in better context than i.

    Kudos to you dear (:

  4. dimittrios Says:

    *cookie points 4 u*

    u used our namby-pamby.
    thats going to be the name of my first born son

  5. reila Says:

    the word is odd and i wouldnt know how to use it, so whatevs. :)

    just popping by to ask whether you got my facebook invitation to my ball? (which really isnt a ball but still!! a girl can hope) Also, feel free to being any of your awesome friends okay? Both Amanda’s will be attending!

  6. TIMSUN Says:

    Maggie has returned!

    I haven’t read your blog yet but I’m going to comment in advance to indicate my appreciation.

  7. Leena Says:

    LOL at timsun.
    I hunger.
    I go eat now.

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