obsequious (adjective). overattentive in order to gain favour

July 8, 2008

Although I have tried aimlessly to put away this laptop and study, my fingers in conjunction with my brain have cleverly landed me at wordpress.com once again. I should really learn to discipline and control my subconscious. I want will power, it would be so handy for these holidays.

I’m finding it extremely difficult to just sit and study. Just this afternoon, I was trying to finish some practice questions for Chemistry, when I noticed my nails to be very bland and tasteless. I walked over to my cupboard and grabbed my red nail polish that I bought several weeks ago (but have not touched), and decided to paint my nails red.
Red is beautiful; it catches the attention of my eyes; I feel much more like a lady with red nail polish on. Without trying to sound completely idealistic, it makes the day somewhat more Spring-like. (I loathe Winter, besides the fashion. My skin goes all dry; my fingertips, toes and nose are always cold; I am frequently suffer the attacks of the Cold; headaches are more prevalent; it rains :( and things get wet; food gets cold fast, so therefore food has to be consumed at a faster rate than normal to obtain the best taste; etc. etc)

(OMG! Rob Sitch is on the Hamish & Andy show! LOL. “Hello. I’m Mike Moore, welcome to Frontline” is so vivid in my head at the moment.) On note of Hamish & Andy, the People’s Chip is going to be released on 11th August 2008 (day of Mathematics Trials) for a limited time. I, myself, shall be heading down to one of the selected outlets to purchase a bag, and share it with some special people! :) I’m really glad Smith’s has agreed to release the chips once more – thank God for people power! I was really bummed I (as well as many other people) didn’t get a chance to taste those gravy chips. Looking forward to the 11th August! :)

I was flipping through Frankie (Issue 24) today whilst procrastinating. I came across this article regarding the Cambodian province of Stung Mean Chey. For those of you don’t know me, my parents have a Chinese cultural background, but were born and raised in Cambodia, adopting the Cambodian culture as well.
So upon reading about the daily happenings of this province, I succumbed to an overwhelming sadness. It was confronting to realise that there are people out there in the big, wide world who live in impoverishment (an understatement). The images that complimented the article made me sick to the stomach. They were living in rubbish dumps, literally. The photo-journalist’s account of her ordeal gave me goosebumps.

I plan to go visit Cambodia one day with Mum (she said she would shout me the tickets, and we would also take a detour to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam – I think). To visit relatives, experience the culture and hopefully, learn something about being grateful for what I’ve got. But after reading the article, I’ve become, more or less, grateful for what I have, and what I don’t. Nothing could be worse than living in a rubbish dump, where the air you breath has a putrid scent, and the place you live is infested with an array of diseases. Nothing could be worse.

Photo-journalism (the person who wrote the above mentioned article was a photo-journalist, named Megan Cullen) seems to be a very interesting job. Although my ambitions are towards Law, I think I might take up Photography as a hobby. It seems to be very purposeful, and fun at the same time. My dear friend, Caroline, left me a message informing me of her life happenings, and linked me to a photo-blog.
And with that, I was instantaneously inspired.

Speaking of photography, the 6 year old girl (she is now 11) who posed nude for her mother’s photography sparked some controversy lately. Interesting nonetheless. She said she was offended by the Prime Minister’s comment. LOL! Apparantly, she’s gonna fight (verbally) the Prime Minister. Good on her! I wish I was more political righteous, perhaps even obsequious, when I was 11.

Reila told me about this song she thought I would like. It was called Personal, by the Stars. It was a beautiful song. It’s really nice and mellowy, but the lyrics make it beautiful. Go download it beautiful kiddies! :)

It high time that I dispatch from this system, and go talk to the hand (Yay! Red nails!). Apparantly, it’s the best way to better your writing.


8 Responses to “obsequious (adjective). overattentive in order to gain favour”

  1. maggiesnail Says:

    To KhmerFood.com.


  2. Ken Says:

    To KhmerFood.com.

    So.. watcha wearing? ;)

  3. daniel Says:

    i like khmerfood, especially the one from cambodia

  4. Julie Says:

    LOL @ ken and daniel!

    Cambodian food is great <3

    Zomgg i want to try the peoples chip!

  5. Heedawratt Says:

    favorited this one, brother

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