palliate (verb). lessen the severity of (something) without curing it

July 10, 2008

I’m suppose to be doing some study for Mathematics Ext 1 now. This got the better of me.

In my love for DVDs, I went out to the shops to stock up for these holidays.
I visited the video shop to rent out ‘Wag The Dog’ for Module C, and bought (finally) ‘Atonement’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Vanity Fair’, ‘August Rush’ and ‘Eric Brockivich’ (because it was under $10, and its potential as a supplement text for Module C). This is simply, all too exciting!

I has a screening of ‘August Rush’ last night. The story line was well done, the tone/theme of the movie was heart-felt, and the setting of New York City was beautiful. Freddie Highmore’s performance as a orphan was spot on, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers lived up to my expectations (he is a gorgeous person: bright blue eyes, hell of a good body, and his Irish accent screams OMG!). I was let down with the ending though, it just plateaued out. I don’t know if the producers were strapped with time, but a scene with the family would have been more fulfilling; it was a tad abrupt.

Here’s something:

From 'August Rush'

I want to watch ‘Vanity Fair’ next, but the Study voice in my head tells me to watch ‘Wag The Dog’ instead.

When I woke up this morning, I had a craving for jam on toast. So after my jog and shower, I headed out to the kitchen to make myself some toast. After 2 and a half minutes in the toaster, the toast was ready. I grabbed the butter and smeared some of the onto the toast ( I love it when the toast is hot enough to melt the butter). As I return the butter to the fridge, my eyes look around the kitchen for a jar of strawberry jam.
To my disappointment, the not-to-long-ago full jar of jam has diminished into a mere one centimeter layer of jam. I tried to scoop out a decent amount of jam to spread onto my toast, but to my frustration, there just wasn’t enough jam to get onto the knife :(

I was angry, annoyed that I couldn’t get the breakfast I wanted. The lack of jam within my household meant minimal serving of jam on today’s breakfast. I hastily gobbled my food, whilst reading the Introduction to ‘The Tempest’, whilst secretively cursing (I have some multi-tasking abilities) at whomever consumed most, if not ALL, of my strawberry jam. I am well aware I am inadvertently and indirectly cursing at one of my family members. But whatever, they hogged all the jam. Not cool.

My brother continues to display his homosexual traits. He is constantly singing and dancing, and posing. He is currently playing with his Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion (which is pretty funny the first couple of times you make it fart), but after 79352905823 times of making it make the fart noise, it gets annoying and ridiculous. (Mind you, he is laughing his arse off now at the noise he just made with it. Silly, silly boy). I’ve asked him to sit down and read a book, but he tells me he doesn’t like reading (he is so in a beating by my parents – figuratively speaking).

Lately, I’ve been indulging myself in David Choi’s music. He calls himself a Rhythm and Blues/Acoustic/Pop artist on myspace – go have a listen there. I particularly like the acoustic verson of “That Girl” and “We’ll Make It Last All Afternoon“. I first heard about him from on of KevJumba’s videos. KevJumba is a legend; very, very funny guy. Go search him on on youtube, or go visit his site here. I’m gonna meet him one day when I visit the States.

I have a dilemma right now:
What is one to do when a close friend cuts you out of their life?

(I’ve been told not to worry about it, which only palliates the problem. So I suppose it’s back to study aye?)


11 Responses to “palliate (verb). lessen the severity of (something) without curing it”

  1. reila Says:

    Reach out and try to reconnect with them. I don’t know the reason or the context but just talk to them, or at least, ask for an explaination. Don’t palliate it, friendship is important.

    (Also, now you have to do what I suggest cause I used your word in my comment.) :D :D

  2. Julie Says:

    The guy on August rush (the picture) HOT <3 and the voice.. oh my god. I think that will put that movie onto my to watch list!

    I love kevjumba, he’s awesome and hilarious (Y) And davidchoi is a good singer :)

    With your friend, I agree with Reila, talk about it, ask for an explanation and make sure you get a really good one because if it’s lame then make them realise that what they’re doing is silly! And good friends should stay good friends, don’t let it go just yet if this person is someone you want to keep by you because later on, you’ll get this weird feeling come to you about it because it’s just been brushed off without justification. But stay strong, I hope you guys can work things out!

    Blah, everyone is studying really hard, and I should be too but I feel so lazy :( I really need to lift my game. Study hard! :)


  3. BestInCabra aka Peter Says:

    u noe wat ? u should start watchin some intense action movies of some sort instead of these sucky romances lawl.

    action = *thumbs up* from P.P.

    yeh like julie said study hard, keep strong and man the f*ck up loololol

    disregard that last point =X

  4. BestInCabra aka Peter Says:

    btw: Your bro is no longer working for me >=O

  5. leenalove Says:

    Peter is a noob (:

  6. BestInCabra aka Peter Says:

    excuse me??? -_-

  7. maggiesnail Says:

    I concede with that notion Leena! :)
    Peter is, indeed, a noob.

  8. FiONA =) Says:

    HI MAGGIEEEEEEEEEEEEE how have you been xD remember me? LOL! hows your holidays? cool blog xD

  9. BestInCabra aka Peter Says:

    sadcase =(

  10. Thomas Says:

    OMG MAGGIE, WHAT A COINCIDENCE! i was watching david choi’s music on youtube yesterday. he’s a good singer but he doesn’t smile!!

  11. maggiesnail Says:

    I know! :( What a shame.

    I really want to meet him one day so I can make him smile (or at least try). A bit ambitious, a bit idealistic, but I’m gonna try it.

    He smirks a bit in his “Love In This Club” cover though.
    I counted that as a smile? (;

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