raconteur (noun). skilled storyteller

July 21, 2008

I have it all in my head: colour scheme, design, length, texture, flow, fitting, prints, stitching, seams. It’s all in my head.
Donatella Versace’s design coupled Tim Roeloff’s Bohemian inspired artistry is essentially what I want. In my search for a dainty dress, I stumbled upon this range gorgeous apparels, which was incidentally similar to what I imagine my formal dress to be.
The range was highlighted at the Milan fashion show:

The last model’s name is Agyness Deyn (re-arrange the letters and tell me what you get!). She is the spunkiest model. (L)
But yes, I’m drooling over the first magenta one! :D But I wish it came in emerald green or something; it would be perrrfect! (L)(L)(L)

This is going to be the last post in a while as the Trial HSC creeps up. I’m gonna remove myself from most (if not all) forms of telecommunication, except for my mobile; so give me a call if you need me. You can also reach me via e-mail, but don’t expect replies punctually, mmk?

I shall be back straight after the Trials, but not for long either, because 8 odd weeks later, the HSC arrives.
Hopefully after that, I will become a raconteur, and share my stories with you guys! So watch this space come November :)

Until then, take care yes?

P.S: Today was the last of the ‘first-day back’. It was a good last ‘first-day back’. Thank you to all the kids that made it awesome.

P.P.S: I received my pair of Ksubis today! I (L) them so I’m gonna sleep in them tonight :D


9 Responses to “raconteur (noun). skilled storyteller”

  1. Ken Says:


  2. maggiesnail Says:

    You already knew the answer!
    (Because you came up with it cookie; Kudos!)

  3. Ken Says:

    I didn’t come up with it, I merely figured out her secret. I told you, its a plot of hers to brainwash us all into denying homosexualism from society.

  4. Shimene Says:


  5. Thomas Says:

    Goodluck with her exams. I know you’ll pass with flying colours! 95+ UAI

    I’m not just saying that either. I know you can succeed if you’re determined enough. Gosh, i still remember when it was yr10 tutor. ahahha, time has gone by fast.

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    Dearest Ken: Yes…

    Dearest Shimene: I know right?! I wish I could sew or something.

    Dearest Thomas:
    Thank you for your encouragements. It means a lot to me.
    AND LOL@YR 10 tutor! (I think I distracted you a lot, apologies)
    See you round.

  7. leenalove Says:

    *continues drooling at the first dress*

    If ONLY I was a gazillionaire.
    I’d so purchase it for you.
    Specially since your first day back hug was the raddest thing ever (though I do suspect you may have only held on to me for so long cause my hair apparently smelt yummy. LOL I can’t smell it!!)

    Pew pew.
    Go die trials.
    Maggie’s gonna own your sorry ass.

  8. thamilinee Says:

    YES YES MAGGIE! i really like the first one

    its sexy :P

  9. Shimene Says:

    OMG MAGGIE! I saw a black dress that is the style of the first dress today! :O but it doesnt have the lovely patterns =( but it is definitely that style xD I will show you after school on wednesday! haha

    (p.s. hope I wasn’t blind and saw the wrong one :S)

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