sagacious (adjective). wise

July 26, 2008

Screw the disciplinary action I had taken against myself; I’d rather let my creative juices flow than lock them all up until post-Trial/post-HSC (and I’m also hoping, hoping, hoping (!) this won’t have a detrimental effect on the outcome). Fingers crossed.

Self-expression is highly valued in the HSC, so why not use this blog as a place of practise, refinement, and a place to become more (I believe I’ve got an ounce within me) sagacious? So, I’ve ditched the stance I took on since last post, and have logged back into in order to share what I feel and such.

Just realised I had failed to finish the last bit of my Law and Society notes: Human rights, which has more to do with case studies than with text-book work. This discovery has inconveniently thrown me off my timetable of studies – I am now one day behind doing past-papers. Lame.
I had written one English essay today, however it was completely unsatisfactory and lacked any coherence. I shall give it another attempt before I put myself in bed tonight.

It’s quite degrading to realise that you’ve lost your ability to write fluently, comprehesively, and all the other criterion that will give you an ‘A’ range mark. The latest English results have put me down quite a bit, and I am currently trying to redeem myself by doing these past-papers.
And with the Trials drawing ever closer, I wish I could wake up with the skill installed. (Wouldn’t it be awesome if that could happen?)

The first week of school has been a rollercoaster of emotions; a total contrast to the ever-constant nature of the holidays.
Excitement; nervous; laughter; anxiety; lust; panic; contentment; lethargy; hostility; comfort; cold; relaxed; dull; happy; unsure; warm; foolish; love etc.
As a 17 year old, I don’t believe I’m well equipped to handle all these emotions just yet. So I say to a higher being: grant me the mental and emotional capacity to deal with these feelings, either in embrace or in suppression, whatever will do!

World Youth Day ended not too long ago, and I have to admit that I miss the atmosphere. I miss listening people sing on the train, I miss seeing people walk in their big crowds, I miss talking to the pilgrims who are genuinely nice people, and I miss the hype. I wish I had participated in the festivities and whatnot. It seems so fun!
After hearing stories from my fellow friends, I have decided to part-take in the Madrid World Youth Day.

I should probably head back to whatever I was doing… ah yes, contemporary human rights struggles in Tibet, Burma/Myanmar, South East-Asia, the Balkans, Africa, Brazil – the list goes on and I shall not bore you any longer! (:

Good luck to all HSC students with their Trial preparations!

MAGGIE’S 10 FAVOURITE THINGS (aka things that make Maggie instantaneously happy):

  1. Sunny days
  2. DVDs/Media literature
  3. Shopping
  4. Waking up with the sun radiating on my face
  5. Post-its/Love notes
  6. Offline Mathematics/ Extension 1
  7. Rainbows
  8. Music (Acoustic!)
  9. Epiphanies
  10. ____________ (guess this one!)

*EDIT: Because of the frustration I have caused some people, I shall buy a pack of Tim Tams for the person who guesses number 10 correctly.


36 Responses to “sagacious (adjective). wise”

  1. leenalove Says:

    10. Leena

  2. Ken Says:


  3. maggiesnail Says:

    Leena: You know you make me happy, hence there isn’t a need for the acknowledgment; it’s a given all my friends make me happy! :)

    Ken: Tone down on the profanities please?

  4. David Says:


  5. Peter Says:

    I believe #10 is VB

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    David: No, it’s not clothing; it kinda under shopping.
    I have yet to say ‘hi’ to that boy on the bus. I think it’d be very awkward saying ‘hi’ to him after a year and a half of giving each other looks on the bus. LOLOL!

    Peter: Unlike you, I’m not an alcoholic. ” -_- ” as you would put it.

  7. David Says:


  8. Thomas Says:

    Omg, that Sagacious word came up in a Edgar Allan Poe short story i’m reading, and after reading your blog, i knew what it meant (Y).

    No 10 is … EYE CANDY SHOPPING? Shopping for boys. LOL that sounds so lame.

  9. maggiesnail Says:

    David: No. It’s not that, mainly because on some days, my blemishes are really bad. :(

    Thomas: No. It’s not eye-candy shopping silly boy! :P HSC > Boys.

  10. Ken Says:

    BOYS > HSC

  11. noibanh Says:

    Is it a person or an object?
    How many letters?
    What does it start with?


  12. maggiesnail Says:

    Ken: HSC is more likely to grant me a position in uni than any boy would, ergo HSC > BOYS.

    Noi: I’ve decided not to give out any hints/clues to anyone; it’s funner that way (:

    Already, one person is receiving a pack of Tim Tams from me for their correct (first) guess! :D

  13. tienn Says:


  14. Thomas Says:

    ok more guesses:
    1. stationary
    2. magazines
    3. gossip girl
    4. your brother
    5. tutor
    6. your friends and family
    7. thomas
    8. other


  15. Gary Says:

    Is it hugs/hugging petor!

  16. maggiesnail Says:

    Tien: You shouldn’t be wtf-ing. Bask is your success.

    Thomas: You technically didn’t guess #10 correctly, so no Tim Tams are being shipped off to you period.

    Gary: It’s not that. Hugging Peter is quite scary :S It gives me shivers down the vertebrate. LOL! Though I heartily enjoy the body-to-body contact! :D

  17. leenalove Says:

    Waaa I still do not know what #10 is.
    Oh well, I still got Tim Tams.
    Ahaha woo!
    You are my sunshine my only sunshine (L)

  18. leenalove Says:

    I just realised my little comment icon person dude looks like a turd -_-

  19. maggiesnail Says:

    Leena: LOL! I reckon it looks more like a tomato with human features rather than a turd.
    …Reminds me of today’s Chemistry lesson when Gundi said that the product of sucrose + sulfuric acid looks like turd. We all LOL’d!

    You can change that picture by uploading a picture of your beautiful self! :D

  20. David Says:

    Hmm .. how about:

    1. The Beach
    2. Flowers
    3. Food
    4. Hot Collarbones

    I shall guess more tomorrow!

  21. reila Says:

    i was going to say REILA.

    Is itttt… taking polaroids? :S

  22. tienn Says:

    WTH David. Your list sucks. The question is importantly, how did collarbones hit your #4?

  23. maggiesnail Says:

    David: Hot collarbones is an awesome guess; unfortunately, there is very little instances when I see a pair of hot collarbones :( Pity.

    Reila: It’s not taking Polaroids (: and POE looks like Charlie Chaplin on Wiki.

    Tien: The list is David’s guesses for my number 10. LOL!
    And might I say, it was a very good guess! (Even though you got it before David)

  24. Ken Says:

    Okay, got it.

    #10. Smiling!

  25. maggiesnail Says:

    Ken: Profound, but it’s not that. It’s something that makes me smile; not the act itself.

  26. Ken Says:

    Is it staring at people until they get paranoid?

  27. maggiesnail Says:

    Ken: LOL! No it’s not, because it involves me initiating it. This is something that just makes me smile.

  28. myemye Says:

    Is it…
    Splashing in puddles on a rainy day?
    Kettle Chilli Chips with Bulla Ice Cream?
    Early morning jogs?
    Jessica Nguy’s neck?
    Jeremy’s new haircut?

    Oh the possibilities! You’re such a positive person, you love everything!

  29. dimittrios Says:

    would #10 be having that someone(that other someone who isnt leena)who we both think of at partays?

  30. Hieu Says:

    MAGGIE’S 10 FAVOURITE THINGS (aka things that make Maggie instantaneously happy):

    1. Sunny days
    2. DVDs/Media literature
    3. Shopping
    4. Waking up with the sun radiating on my face
    5. Post-its/Love notes
    6. Offline Mathematics/ Extension 1
    7. Rainbows
    8. Music (Acoustic!)
    9. Epiphanies
    10. ending Labor’s reign. woopwoopwoop

    On July 27, 2008 at 7:55 pm maggiesnail Said:

    Ken: HSC is more likely to grant me a position in uni than any boy would, ergo HSC > BOYS.

    not if you sucky sucky and get lucky lucky

  31. Thomas Says:

    Hmm. Something that makes you smile that involves you initiating it.

    1. Introducing yourself to new people? And you smile back when they’re nice and friendly or if they’re cute/attractive.
    2. Bullying! Don’t tell me you bully others and smile after you’ve called them a bitch etc.
    (I’m kidding about this guess)
    3. When a guy responds in a positive way after you’ve made the first move.
    4. Oh, is it: when you ask a person “whats wrong” and they tell you their story and ask for your advice. After, they thank you and hug you etc? You like that feeling of “helping others”

    Other guesses which are irrelevant (but i just want more chances of winning) :)

    1. Acting out funny plays/scenerios/events/people’s reactions or personalities .. Charades?
    2. Mocking other people’s laughs (which is a fun game i like to participate in)

    OMG MAGGIE! WHATS NUMBER 10? AM I CLOSE TO GUESSING IT? Were my guesses hot/cold or what?

  32. leenalove Says:

    I fail as a friend :(
    Will you still love me?

  33. maggiesnail Says:

    Dimitrios: Congratulations on your following guesses!

    Thomas: LOL@ you trying to maximise your chances of gaining a pack of Arnott’s Tim Tams.
    But it’s unfortunate to say, you are really cold. Stop thinking so deep… You’ll get it then!:D

    Hieu: It’s not ending Rudd’s political reign, though that would be awesome! (:

    Leena: Of course (L)

  34. TIMSUN Says:

    Since we are all massive nerds, I will guess #10 is “good grades”. I know they make me happy (despite the fact that they don’t seem to happen often in my case).

    Ugh. How depressing. I really hope I’m not right.

  35. Hieu Says:

    10. Friends.

    10. Love

    10. Chicken

    10. all of the above 9 mixed into one.guns.

  36. leenalove Says:

    LOL hieu’s icon looks like a disturbed grape.

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