ubiquitous (adjective). being or seeming to be everywhere at once

August 14, 2008

I know I should be elsewhere studying for these unrelenting Trials, but the truth of the matter is that after studying so hard, I ended up being slaughtered by the merciless Chemistry THSC paper anyway; so I am no longer motivated to do such things for preparation of the Trials.

No, not really.  My parents still continue to drive me on, constantly reminding me that these last two months of hard work are really the last leg of the race, and if I can do my very best, I don’t have to live to regret it and party out my 18th year. (:  So with that, I assure you I’ll be hitting the books at the library tomorrow, tackling Legal Studies, Agriculture and Extension, in that order.

Today? Today was just a day off at home, lazing about, being a good consumer and whatnot, catching up on what I’ve been missing such as The Simpsons DVDs that I bought but have yet to watch, blogs, youtube.com, dresses and (need i say it?) the Olympics.

Yes.  I spend a good proportion of my day watching the Olympics that are currently held in Beijing.  Until recently, I never noticed the hyped that the Olympic games bring every 4 years.  The sportsmanship, the skill, the precision in their expertise, the nationalism – it’s all so uplifting in the end.  And to grab that Gold is the icing on the cake really.  I never knew the Olympics could be so addictive.
Yep! See you at the 2012 London Olympic games! :D (Better get a job and start saving up)

On the subject of the games, I was really into the Mens All-Round Gymnastics; the men were really good with all 6 apparatuses.  Just watching them go round and round and round was totally hypnotic- all that upperbody strength and lower body control; I wish I was that co-ordinated…. ):
So yes, it was totally hypnotic watching them go round so easily, but what got me ticking was some of the coaches, who stood at such a close proximity to the accelerating body, shouting out directions.  At this point, I give the TV a ^o) look “Is this even necessary, I mean, they are elite Olympians, just let them display their magic!”  There was this one coach who even went to the extent of attempting to give his student mid-air support (at this point, I started screaming at the TV: Get the *profanity* away! You’re gonna get smacked by his leg!)
This (unsurprisingly) reminde me of the pressures of the HSC.  With parentals always egging you on to do your best, the pressure can somewhat overwhelming.  Though my parentals don’t do this, the REST of my ubiquitous extended family does, and it drives me up the wall.  Thankgod my parents are here telling me otherwise.  I would have dropped out of school already if it wasn’t for Mummy or Daddy, or commit some other form of rebellion.
So that’s that.

Australia is currently 5th on the Medal tally now; One Gold behind Germany and S. Korean.  China continue to leads (I have my eyes on them-even though my eyes aren’t that big) and the US in second position.  OMG. That reminds me: Micheal Phelps! I’m going to meet him one day and take a photo with him, comparing our arm spans! WOO!
And Stephanie Rice: Gorgeous is what she is. And not to mention, an awesome world-record breaking swimmer! :)

Clearly, I’m still in Olymics-hype mode.
Go and enjoy it while it lasts kiddies! :D

(I am not trying to sabotage your Trial HSC if you are, by any means, being skeptical about this.  Study hard, but take a break, and in that break, don’t go play DOTA; go watch the Games!)


5 Responses to “ubiquitous (adjective). being or seeming to be everywhere at once”

  1. leenalove Says:

    LOL I can see the DOTA comment being directed right at kenni.

    But omgosh I watched the men’s gymnastics today too. It made me yearn for flexibility and stamina and toneness like them. Those boys are so damn FIT.

    I have this stuck in my head thanks to car-dick so I might as well get it out.
    ( 8 ) I’m a little teapot short and stout.
    Here is my handle, here is my spout.
    When I get all steamed up then i SHOUT.
    Tip me over, pour me out ( 8 )


    P.S. You’re awesome too :)
    Remember my ears are yours.

  2. Ken Says:

    DotA is teh funz.

  3. Hieu Says:

    Yes, how can one study when there is the ubiquitous campaigning of the games on television :(

  4. Julie Says:

    Goodluck with the rest of your trials magggie!
    Hhaha i know what you mean – olympics is cooler than i thought it was! Can’t wait to see the opening of londons one!

  5. paul pincus Says:

    those boys ARE FIT!

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