vacillate (verb). keep changing one’s mind or opinions

August 22, 2008

At long last, the merciless Trial HSC has finally ceased for me.  I finished off with Legal Studies just yesterday, and am now recovering from a horrible throat infection and a congested nasal passage; what a way to relax!
Granted, I had quite a pleasant and nice day today with a friend, delving in the likings of a relationship on a gloomy, winding and rainy day at the city.

Oh! how I have missed that place we Sydney-siders call ‘the city’.  The air, the buzz in the atmosphere; everything just culminates and overwhelms you.  Perhaps this is the perception of a somewhat sheltered child, but I like the idea of a place where things just come out more lively than usual.  And although it may be a tad idealistic, I wish to live there one day (Yes I do).  Even more, I wish to get wedded at Hyde Park (Yes Maggie, continue dreaming).

But before I reach that ridiculous dream of mine, I should really get over the HSC first aye?

UAC Guides have (finally!) come out and it’s time to start making decisions of what to do post-HSC.  As an Asian child, I am expected to complete tertiary studies, and of course, advance into some high-paying job.
Although the UAC offers a heap of information, it isn’t necessarily comprehensive.  Everything is made to seem so good, and ultimately, leaves you where you started-confused. I vacillate between the different courses offered at the different institutions; I apprehensively think about my possible UAI; I contemplate what I am to do in 10 years time…

I am 28; in a relationship, perhaps married with kids; apartment with a goldfish and furniture from IKEA (preferrably with a ‘snail’ motif); small balcony garden planting my own herbs; overlooking is the cityscape, with a little more pollution maybe; I have Reila over on days; coffee with Nessa and Bonnie in the afternoons; gerberas in a tall glass vase; button collection of 1000+ (by now); reinvented the dying Polaroid instant films; working in-

And it stops there because I don’t know what I want to do.

Well, I want to do law, but God knows it’s impossible to attain that freaking 99 (Kill me).  So yeah. I’ve considered other options, though I don’t think my mother would be too pleased with them, although she tells me whatever I do, it’ll be okay; but I know in actual fact it won’t, because I have to live up to the rest of her extended family’s expectations. GR GR GR

Speaking of family, I don’t think I gave it my all in the Legal Studies Family essay ._. But I hope I killed Workplace. I shall stop with school talk, but in all honesty, it’s really hard not to talk about school.
For those who go to school with me, and see me on a 5/7 daily basis, would know by fact that I, Maggiesnail, have a soft spot for school.  In other words: I love it.

And in a mere 5 weeks, it’s pretty much the end of a beautiful relationship :(
Yr 12 will be done, we’ll have out Final Assembly/Roll Call (Hurlstone’s equivalence of a High School Graduation), and then it’s study on your own accord until the end of the HSC examinations.  And then in a matter of a BOOM! we are out there, forging our own lives.  I sincerely hope I stay in touch with the closest of my school friends, and that we’ll continue to make our everydays happy! :D

On a side note: I think I’ve learnt to deal with the Little Things in life that accumalate to annoy me as a whole; just avoid any communication/contact with the said Little Things that build up and make you annoyed. Simple (:

But there are some Little Things, which are just so great and make you all tingly on the inside. I wish more of these Little Things, though sparingly, because I don’t want it to go to waste or make it lose its meaning.

Little Things go a long way, don’t they?
God bless Little Things.

*EDIT: I totally forgot to mention about a new addiction of mine:
I think it has inspired me to do some Vlogging. Friends have told me it’d be a distraction at this time of my life, but I really like the idea. Might engage in some once I get a decent webcam :D


4 Responses to “vacillate (verb). keep changing one’s mind or opinions”

  1. leenalove Says:

    Little things are beautiful :)
    Maggiesnail is beautiful :D

    I am determined to be one of those people you stay in contact with…even if it kills me trying.

    So what’s your address? ;)

  2. Vivien Says:

    Yes the HSC’s a pain but we can do it!!
    And 99 is not unachievable – I’m sure Maggie can definately get it!

    What were your other options?

  3. maggiesnail Says:

    Leena: I shall write it on a post-it for you! :D

    Vivien: My other options include Ba. Optometry, Ba. International Studies, Ba. Education (in either Mathematics or Advanced Science), Ba. Med (application strictly at UWS)…
    I’m still deeply immersed in my UAC Guide. Fingers crossed no regrets on my 9 preferences!

    Ken: Congratulations!

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