waif (noun). a person who is, or seems to be neglected or homeless

August 23, 2008

Saturdays never ceases to be beautiful, sunny days.  Even if SMH.com forecasted “possible showers”, the day turned out to be completely dry.  The sun was out, albeit windy, and it was beautiful.

And what does one do on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon?

They write letters of course! :D (At least Maggie does, in front of loading Youtube videos and/or a DVD that’s playing).
I have recently picked up on writing letters again, mainly because I felt that with the rush of the HSC and all, it is difficult to express one’s emotions about the happenings of their daily lives, it becomes a blur after a very short while.  Anything that was slightly sentimental is overlooked, and what a pity that is!
The letter has become the medium of my emotions, to say the very least. I think to write a letter to a friend is, in the end, the savvy-est and hippest way to communicate with them.

Even hipper than that, is turning that letter into an envelope! (I KNOW RIGHT?!)

I learnt to fold letter envelopes this beautiful Saturday afternoon as well!  It was awesome to see how everything fitted together, and every fold has a purpose, which contributed to the overall functioning of my envelope. “PRETTY COOL” as Ninjadrops would put it.

SO go and write a letter, and follow these steps to make the envelope, and send/give it to a friend!:D

I kind of miss finding letters in the mailbox addressed to me. I think the last time I received one was late last year.  There were a lot of freebies in it as well.  I kinda wish that we still talk/communicate.  Come to think of it, I don’t really know what happened to us… (I’ll go write her a letter after this)

I sense that I am kinda in some sort of a conflict, in terms of restraint and what not. I’m not sure of how I should go about tackling it down, but I just know I want to tackle it down.  I don’t like the struggle that I constantly have to think about. So, as last month’s cartoon featured on the free Luenig calendar suggests, COMMUNICATION is the key:
(Yeah. This is what I’m talking about Donkey Kong. LOLOL!)

The Beijing Olympics are ending!  WOOHOO! Time for other things to be on TV; YESS! :D After the delights of Swimming and Gymnastics, I find myself becoming less interested (but still watching it?)  Like today: Men’s 10m Platform diving (for the 14 year old Thomas Daley), Synchronised swimming (the Russian team was beautiuful) and European Handball (never finished it because I came back online).
I’m going to meet Thomas Daley when I’m over at the 2012 London Games! :D  Whilst in London, I also plan to take a tourist shot with the Palace guards, visit Big Ben, take a glimpse of Prince William in real life (and determine whether he is as good looking as his photos), visit a Pub, have a deep conversation with a waif, say Hello to the Prime Minister, meet Hugh Grant/Colin Firth/James McAvoy, skip around a lamp post until my heart’s content. Oh yeah, and go to a countryside meadow/hill, baske in the sun and roll in the grass.
Yep. That’s the grand plan! (:

(I tend to day dream. Pardon me)

That was the gist of what I aimed to do this post: enlighten my readers about my typical Saturday afternoons.
Return the favour will you? Tell me how you spend your Saturdays. I’ll be delighted to know :D


8 Responses to “waif (noun). a person who is, or seems to be neglected or homeless”

  1. Reila Says:

    Ohmygosh :( I wrote a longish reply and it got wiped :( Oh well!

    Today was a lovely day :) The weather was almost perfect. Tomorrow, lets hope for more sun and less wind! I’m learning to make a letter envelope right now!

  2. Ken Says:

    I played Devil May Cry and DotA all Saturday.
    Fun fun!

  3. Vivien Says:

    I spent Saturday at someone’s wedding and deciding my future ala, what degrees I need to put down on my UAC form.

    I also spent Saturday night swearing loudly at just how much my uni fees are going to cost now that I’ve taken a proper look at it.

  4. maggiesnail Says:

    Reila: AWH! I wanted to read your thoughts. I love them.

    Ken: I’m not surprised :)

    Vivien: OMG! I hate how uni fees are despicably over-priced. I can’t even believe we have to pay for UAC applications. LAME

  5. Leena Says:

    Ooo my turn, MY TURN!

    I spent my Saturday currying it up at a curry function. Curry dot and alllll. It was an overload of blackness that I’m still recovering from after having so long been accustomed to the blurring yellow atmosphere of our school (:

    On another note:
    I’ve got a box full of the ones from the past. The ones on pretty pieces of paper, so carefully written…and the others written on the side scraps of maths grid paper. Good times (L)

    In the near future I will write a letter, and since you are the inspiration and catalyst for this letter, don’t be surprised if one magically comes flying your way (:
    Gosh, I used to remember how to fold mine all pro into a square looking thingys…chyeah skills that disappeared with the onset of Senior school. They will return!

    Haha toodles maggiesnail.
    Love love love you.

  6. Kakason Says:

    Hello :)

  7. noibanh Says:

    you better.. *angry face*

  8. maggiesnail Says:

    Leena: How wonderful! You need to teach me to Indian dance mans. Mummy is expecting me to have the hip/neck move under control! :D

    Kakason: Hello dearest! I guess you’re returning the favour by saying hello back to me on my blog! YAY

    Noi: That looks soo hard to do. But I’m gonna try it anyway and show you tomorrow :D

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