xenomania (noun). an obsession with strangers; a pleasure gained from meeting strangers or visiting new cultures

August 26, 2008

My dictionary is broken :(
The handy source which I turn to for my Post Title is tattered and destroyed.  And upon reaching the letter X (finally), I have realised there is a very small amount of words which start with X that sounds/looks/is interesting.  So I have cheated on the said dictionary with the infamous dictionary.com, and found the word “xenomania”.
I’m not sure as to whether if the word is an actual, legitimate, accepted in literature, but I shall make it a task of mine to find out by consulting the Webster’s Dictionary, which currently sits on a lectern at the HAHS Library.

By the way… what criteria does a word have to pass in order to be classified as a new word? :S

I hope by the time I’m 28, I have a steady grasp on the English language, and I hope I’ll be able to implement and utilise this language in order to do something worthy, something to give back to the community.  This spark in ambition and aspiration was ignited after observing Michelle’s Obama Convention Speech, in Illinois today:
(It’s a bit long, but I promise it was good.  I was teary at the end of it…)

I really like how they relate themselves to the rest of the American population; their love story gives it something special; he persistently asked her out after countless No’s, and when he bought her ice-cream, she finally said Yes! LOLOLOL! (L)
Good luck to Mr. Obama for the upcoming election! :D

Today was what felt like the second day of school returning from a holiday.  The sun was out and it was a pleasant day; though in Agriculture, the teacher denied us the right to soak up the afternoon sun out on the farm, and instead, 51 minutes was spent in a badly ventilated classroom which made me feel wet and cold. Not entirely great.  Further, the day hasn’t been particularly emphatic in terms of relationships, but I’ll manage.

I feel extremely privileged to have friends such as those at school.  They are who make my school days enjoyable and happy.  You know who you are: Thank you from by bottom of my heart. If I could give you that garden full of wildflowers, or any other object of desire, I would. (L)

And before I head off to do some simple harmonic motion work: I missed your warmth today, but it’s okay because I have a layer of insulation myself.


5 Responses to “xenomania (noun). an obsession with strangers; a pleasure gained from meeting strangers or visiting new cultures”

  1. leenalove Says:

    I read post yesterday, I comment today (:

    Maggie you deserve to be showered with wildflowers because you are so awesome.
    Don’t ever stop being such a wonderful person (:

    I feel so euphalated (L)

  2. reila Says:

    I think for a word to be officially recognised it has to be in the oxsford dictionary maggie. :S webster and oxsford are pretty similar anyway, so it should be fine.

    also, i lack capitals cos im lazy. and i dont use proper grammar or punctuation and im an english major. shakespeare is weeping in his graveeee. :)

    ill send you some wildflowers!

  3. TIMSUN Says:

    I totally did not know that about the word “xenomania”. Mostly because it’s also the name of a music production group that is Quite Good.

  4. kazmyass Says:

    maggie snail your blogs are just amazing. the way you say things sounds so sophisticated or maybe its because my english is crap. haha
    love you maggie,

    p.s lets go get high on lollies one day :D

  5. reila Says:

    ohmygod. just read my comment.
    wtf does oxford have an s in it? anyway!!!!!! theres OED online :D oxford english dictionary.

    i apologise for my dyslexia. :(

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