yearn (verb). want (something) very much

August 28, 2008

Although I’m aware most of you will already know the definition of today’s Post Title, I felt it was appropriate to use it in this context.

THSC results have been issued for most subjects, and no, I’m not too pleased. The raw marks I’ve been getting fall short of my standards, and I can’t say I’m satisfied.  I keep saying to myself that it is the RANKS that matter, but I yearn for the band 6 mark.

(I shall quit talking about Trial results because obviously, it’s not that interesting)

Monday’s return to school left my mind pondering many things, as one does after a break from the daily routine of school.
Finally returning to Maths class after 3 whole weeks without it, I found my Frankie calender scrawled on by random kids who have class in Room 27 (I have put a new calendar up for the countdown to HSC, supplied by Issue 25 of Frankie magazine).  Oh how I have missed maths; the most intellectual conversations occur in maths, the funniest jokes are told and the most trivial thoughts are shared.
Learning SHM that day, the class stumbled across how a car (engine) works – someone (Noi or Indhar) yelled out ‘pistons’.  Being completely illiterate in the inner workings and features of a automobile, I set out a task for myself to learn how a car engine works.

After 15 minutes on, with visual aid from, Maggie finally knows how a car engine operates.  And as an aside: It is absolutely clever!  Whosoever thought of this ingenious idea of internal combustion and kinetic energy is a legend. Kudos/Snaps/Cookie points to you (whichever you prefer, but you can’t have a combination because that’s ripping me off of my points).

I was suppose to visit my grandma in the nursing home on Wednesday afterschool, but my catchup with Bonnie went a bit overtime , so this visit will take place at a later date; preferably next Wednesday.  I’ll make sure I’ll go get her a small gift so she can be happy! :D
My catch-up with Bonnie was delightful; though it was only a afternoon.  I do miss her company and stories on a daily basis. She never ceases to amaze me. (L)

I have yet to apply to UAC.  Mainly because of my ineptitude to decide what I wanna do; Dear! I don’t even know which talks to attend this Open Day.  I just hope that it’s a sunny day, so travel won’t be such a hassle and I can take pretty shots of the day.

I should really go do some homework; though I don’t actually know what I have to do…

I’ll leave you with this:

“ooooh! that’s why mummy takes so long to take a shower; to be clean thats why”

He finally decided to take a-longer-than-5-minutes-shower, and has experienced the delights of the 20 minutes shower. The little boy is indeed growing up :D


3 Responses to “yearn (verb). want (something) very much”

  1. tienn Says:

    well well well

    you are lucky the calendar is still there. Frankly, i must confess that my recess and lunches have been spent making that frankie calendar beautiful. How can you not say that those scribbles are not a work of art? It is always good to be able to express yourself with your hand. Jerking movements with pens and textas are always good to relieve stress.

  2. hieusy Says:

    What type of car engine did you learn about? Rotary?!:D:D:D

  3. Vie Says:

    Your brother is so cute!! (he is your brother right?)

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