zealous (adjective). extremely eager or enthusiastic

August 31, 2008

I always knew the word existed, but I wasn’t entirely sure about the meaning, so I thought it would be a good idea to use it as a Post Title.

I’ve finally reached the end of the alphabet, and am zealous to return to A and begin the cycle again :)

I’ve finally made my first Vlog:

Comment! Rate! Subscribe! ; whatever pleases your noodles.
(Sorry about the dodgy sound quality)

I’ve got my hands on the delight 3G iPhone which is really exciting; sad thing is that everything has to be done through iTunes- which means my “Dancing in the Moonlight” ring tone is no longer in existence.
And with me running on Vista, I have to go download other softwares to convert formats of files, and its all to much and I simply can’t be bothered. :(  (Maybe a later date)

So Bonnie enlightened my thoughts about the Ladder Theory yesterday. It made me laugh. :D
Have I mentioned how much I love that girl? (I probably have, but I’ll do it again anyway) Yes! She is absolutely amazing; great at life and whatever it throws at her; I think it’s got something to do with her faith… everything she has been faced with was done with conviction and absolutely no hint of hesitance.  She’s my idol.

Tomorrow is finally school: No offline because the teacher has decided to take a long weekend down at the snowfields before Spring comes (which is tomorrow! YAY!)
Finally, the cold nights will warm up and the grey skies will clear to become blue, which infact is sunlight reflecting oxygen gas (Ms Jackson’s love for Chemistry is indeed contagious!)

I am currently indulged in John Mayer’s live music; loving Dreaming With A Broken Heart and Gravity. Absolutely beautifully crafted.

I am off to go do some Legal Studies now :D

P.S: I am in notion with Leena’s ‘You win some, you lose some’ concept.


22 Responses to “zealous (adjective). extremely eager or enthusiastic”

  1. Ken Says:

    I r teh WINZ-R.

  2. Ken Says:

    P.S. you need a new mic.

  3. maggiesnail Says:

    I knowww!
    The in built mic is too far! :(

  4. The name's Bond. James Bond Says:

    I have to be quick. My parents are sus.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Nice Vblog. I love watching people’s vblogs.
    have you even read it yet maggie??

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    James Bond: LOLOLOLOL! Do your parents watch you online?

    Thomas: You’re very observant (: I’m in the process of reading it! I’m up to the battle within the Hogwarts castle! O: How exciting!

  7. Julie Says:

    Maggiee Cool Vlog :) I think you should vlog more :P

  8. Hieusy Says:

    yay spring! 3am jogs! gooo gooo gooo

  9. dancininthemoonlight Says:

    I got my ringtone for Dancing in the Moonlight from i-tunes.

  10. maggiesnail Says:

    Julie: I shall attempt to Vlog on a weekly basis if time allows me :D Thanks for watching love!

    Hieu: Are you serious? 5am is so hard already! :(

    Dancinginthemoonlight: I don’t want to pay for it as a ringtone because I already have the song on iTunes.
    Help me out? :)

  11. the nang in tnang Says:

    like my friend tien once said

    you don’t dance in the moonlight but let the moonlight dance with you.

  12. tienn Says:

    since you are video blogging now, i think you need a name for it. Like famous video bloggers on youtube, nigahiga, kevjumba and SIUYUEN1125 just to name a few, you need a name that will stand out. Surely there is maggiesnail but i think you should consider a few more alternative. For example
    magsta and magwheels (to appeal to car enthusiast),
    magstah (for the gangsters)
    maggie noidles (say if you wanted to make a combined blog with noi)
    the MAGazine

  13. David Says:

    No, maggiesnail works fine.

  14. maggiesnail Says:

    Nang/Tien: I’m so fighting you (verbally) tomorrow.

    David: Thanks for watching dear! :D

  15. aznsoftcore Says:

    I think the guy who was leading you on shud apoligise face to face instead of apologising over the phone.

  16. Shimene Says:

    YAY i watched it maggie! haha thank god i am no longer capped! I hope your feeling better sweety!! Continue video blogging =)

  17. maggiesnail Says:

    Sam: If only he’d thought of that.. I suppose it’s a bit more decent aye?

    Shimene: Woohoo! to being uncappped! :D (I hope that didn’t waste too much of your download :S)
    I shall aim to cut down on time (Y)

  18. TIMSUN Says:

    I LOL’d while watching; but in a good way.

  19. Dude Says:

    Watching your vlog makes my pee-pee maker tingle. JOKES. But seriously, nice Vlog.

  20. marvin Says:

    “you never get freddos in this size”

    that really makes me wanna buy one now….srsly.

    cool blog and video blog, i shall add this to the old blog roll.

    btw magstah is pretty badass. go for it.

  21. maggiesnail Says:

    Timothy: I don’t know if you were being sarcastic, but I shall assume that there was no sarcasm in that comment and thank you for the compliment dearest. (:

    Dude: LOL@pee-pee maker; it definitely beats every other synonym available in the world (Y)

    Marvin: I would sell you one of my ones, but the bunch of (dare I say it) kids who yelled out “Hey! Girl with the Freddo box..Hey!” bought the last of those. (Buy some off Leena/Shirley/Alicia)
    And Magstah has associations with gangstah… which has other associations that I don’t want to be associated with at the moment (:

  22. popjiggas Says:

    nice vlog maggie
    lol at the superb sound effects when showcasing your iphone
    now that your famous can i be your manager?

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