acquiesce (verb). agree to what someone wants

September 5, 2008

I am finally back at the letter A! :D Thanks to Leena for finding/suggesting this word for me.

I attended a Barista course today in Glebe, it was hell of a lot of fun spending the rainy day in a old, cosy kitchen, learning to the fine art of coffee-making with some fellow Hurlstonians. I have fully met the requirements that allow me to get a job in a cafe, so hopefully, straight after HSC, I am able to exercise my skill and become employed in this industry, and be the best Barista I can be.
(LOL! And then, hopefully, when i get enough money to pay for my law degree, I can become a barrister :D;I am so clever)

Yeah.. so after the Barista course, I am longing for a decent coffee machine so I can make/practice some coffee art.  Jessica just told me her mum is getting her one disguised as a Father’s Day gift, which is an ingenious idea mind you! So I’m gonna go ask my mum for the same thing, so I can make my dad coffee on Sunday morning with some pretty hearts and the word DAD inscribed in the foam. COOL!

So yes my second video is up and running:

YES! and I cut it down heaps (15:34 to 4:36; go Maggie!)

I cut out a part where I dwelled on about a disintegrating friendship; so I’m gonna blog about it instead.
Yeah.. I don’t know. It’s all a bit strange that the communication barrier has forged itself between me and my friend. I don’t know how to feel about this, but a close friend suggested I give it a week a to see how it goes; so I’m gonna take on board that advice :)

It seems like.. with the HSC drawing nearer and nearer, school work just becomes paramount amongst all things, and I just acquiesce with whatever comes: it feels as if I’ve become something that is so easily swayed by something else, an unintentional controlling force, and I succumb to it because I can no longer be bothered to put in effort, or to care, or to give a fuck anymore because everything just culminates and eats you.  Yeah… sometimes I feel like that; it makes me feel weak and impotent, and I don’t like this feeling (at all).
But I am so genuinely thankful to have people around me that give me nothing by support and their friendship: I would like to thank all those who have helped me out throughout this unpleasant week. (L)(L)(L)

I shall best be off; I’ve done no work whatsoever, and feel that I need to do some due to my absence from the school day.


6 Responses to “acquiesce (verb). agree to what someone wants”

  1. Ken Says:

    Sick brah, I win!

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    I kind of wish I did the barista course too. It looked fun.

  3. aznsoftcore Says:

    Im sure ur friend is willing to overcome the communication barrier as long as you are the one who initiates the convesation (guys are pretty bad at that stuff)

  4. Hieusy Says:

    you missed on seeing the most people ever put into one maths room during a recess.

  5. maggiesnail Says:

    Ken: Kudos to you (again).

    Timothy: It would have been awesome if you joined us; for one, I would have loved to observe you playing with such a technical machine (:

    Sam: That’s what sucks; it feels as if it’s all too hard and the effort needed all just goes to waste ):

    Hieu: AWH! I wish I was one of those people (I heartily enjoy body to body contact with other people, especially on cold days)

  6. sakura-usagii Says:

    hey maggie :D
    its roza~ i stumbled upon your blog when you had the link up on msn haha~
    hmm so coffee art. i think its awesome you got an interest in it :D maybe you should have worked in LGHS’s cafe when you were still mr girgus paid for us to do the coffee course as well~
    i found a love for coffee making too xD hopefully i’ll work at a cafe as well. i’ll visit you and you’ll visit me :P
    well take care and goodluck :D hopefully i’ll see you around again. ^_^

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