bereft (adjective). deprived

September 7, 2008

I love the community: they give great insight into current affairs and politics. I am currently into the American presidential election campaign of both the Democrats and Republicans.

(The politics here has been a bit bland… except for the recent resignation of (ex)Premier Iemma. Premier Rees has done nothing that has been impressive as of yet; but we’ll see with time – as with everything)

Senator Obama’s vision for a new and somewhat revolutionised American brings out a heap of ambition in me; his will power to impose change has transpired to my ambitions of future world peace: I have lately come out with my ultimate dream to a couple of friends, and have never been so transfixed on wanting to achieve this dream/goal of mine.
After viewing Michelle Obama’s speech (view it here) at the Illinois Convention, I was so inspired to the point where I was in tears and completely overwhelmed by the power and status, she as a women, has achieved. It was simply empowering for me, as a merging adult and a female, to watch and observe her eloquence and skill (which one day I hope to achieve for myself).

And just this morning, whilst easting my half-burnt pancakes, I was reading the SMH Weekend Edition, which featured a 2-page spread on the Republicans campaign. Senator McCain’s criticism of the Bush Administration wasn’t as inspiring as Senator Palin’s perspective-it’s bold and pragmatic, even clever when she criticised Senator Obama. Again, she is another woman of status who extends herself and empowers the general female community.

I, myself, hope to be like these figures when I am older – hopefully working in the UN – and help those who need helping. I don’t think there can be anything more satisfactory that doing this; achieving something notable, extending service to those in need and giving back to the community.

I should probably stop with this wishful thinking, and actually get back into studying… or something. HSC is drawing closer, at a very fast rate- each day just passes by so quick. I feel bereft of beauty sleep, no thanks to youtube and work (or a lack of). My skin is breaking out and feels a bit dry, at the same time ._. and I feel bereft of some you-time, which sucks the most.

On a lighter note: Father’s Day dinner tonight! Should be fun. :D (Watch me pack on the kilos of restaurant food… I should start jogging again)

Classical music (supplied by Mr Leet) has been pulsating through my eardrums. And I absolutely love that stuff. It’s so soothing yet invigorating at the same time. (L)(L)(L) I sometimes wonder where it has been my whole life… but I’m glad it’s ‘made its debut’ (as Shimene puts it). My favourite composers now include Ludwig van Beethoven ( I HEART Symphony No.7), Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Pachelbel and Fryderyk Chopin (Concerto Pour Piano No.1!).
I wish I had (even a speck of) their creativity and dedication they used to compose these awesome (understatement) pieces.

I’m gonna continue dreaming; it’s the best motivator! :D


Photo taken by a bored An during an agriculture lesson :)


23 Responses to “bereft (adjective). deprived”

  1. leenalove Says:

    I love your knowledge of the world.
    Your ability to be inspired by such world-wide figures is in itself and inspiration (:

    (L) you maggiesnail.
    Saturday with you was nice (:

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    Doesn’t Palin’s stance on things like abortion (i.e. to be avoided at all costs, including situations such as rape) kind of negate her position as a feminst though? Maybe I’m just biased against Republicans though.

    What do you think of Hilary Clinton then, Maggie?

  3. Ken Says:

    I like to play DotA.

  4. maggiesnail Says:

    Leena: I thoroughly enjoyed out day together. Thanks for being there love (L)

    Timothy: Yes, Palin’s stance on abortion does somewhat negate her position as a feminist. However, her command to draw in 37 million people when she delivered her speech, and not budging her position on abortion at the same time, is something that I aspire to.

    Hilary Clinton, like Palin, has been played an influential role in her party’s campaign, encouraging her supporters to use their vote for Barak Obama.
    In regards to her stance on abortion… I like how she attempts to make it flexible (allowing women to make their own choices when it comes to family planning).

    Ken: I know you like to play Dota, and you know what I think about that (get off it for 10 weeks and you’ll kill HSC)

  5. TIMSUN Says:

    Some Hilary supporters are full-on psycho though. I mean, are you really a Democrat or just a Hilary fangirl?

    Case in point;

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    Timothy: I’m neither. I’m Maggie who is interested in the upcoming Presidential election, because we lack anything of substance (in regards to politics) on the homefront.
    And I agree that she does have some psycho supporters.

  7. Pho Says:

    I think John McCain looks like Henry Winkler in ‘Click’ (Adam Sandler’s dad)…that was a good movie.

  8. maggiesnail Says:

    Ken: I need to watch that movie… apparently it makes you cry; So it must be good! :D
    I reckon John McCain looks like a more aged Steve Martin.

  9. TIMSUN Says:

    LOL Maggie, I was addressing the psycho Hilary supporters in general, not you of course.

    I don’t usually care about politics that much, but the presidential election is really interesting for some reason. :D

  10. maggiesnail Says:

    Timothy: It is very interesting; there is definitely more hype to it on an international basis I reckon – the prospective change is what gets me excited :D

    I’m glad to have a friend like you who is also interested in these things (L)

  11. 007 Says:

    How sweet’s the final movement of Beethoven’s 7th, eh?

  12. Mister Bond. Says:

    And that of Chopin’s First Piano Concerto too.

  13. maggiesnail Says:

    Mr. Bond: I don’t understand musical jargon; I just know that I like what I hear when I’m listening to their pieces:D
    Do you know how to play these pieces?… you can tell me when ‘the final movement’ starts, yeah? (:

  14. Hieusy Says:

    Do you know how to play these pieces?… you can tell me when ‘the final movement’ starts, yeah? (:

    It starts when you man the fuck up.

  15. maggiesnail Says:

    Hieu: Yeah? So how does one determined that they have successfully manned-the-fuck-up? (Sounds too complicated already)

    I’d rather listen to Mr. Bond play, or allow him to indicate when it starts.

  16. danielxleet Says:

    classical music (supplied by Mr Leet)
    lol haha ur funny maggie (y)

    llɐ n suʍd ləıuɐp

  17. hieusy Says:

    Hieu: Yeah? So how does one determined that they have successfully manned-the-fuck-up? (Sounds too complicated already)

    Once you become aljosa’s top friend on myspace

  18. Ken Says:

    John McCain has the same name as the guy from Die Hard series. That John McCain is gangster. This John McCain is jew and got BarackRoll’d as seen in the following video.

  19. maggiesnail Says:

    Daniel: You’re pretty funny yourself (if I may say); very tricky with technology.

    Hieu: Okay then… it’s obvious now that I’ll never be able to man-the-fuck-up now.

    Ken: LOLOL. I saw that video before; the kids who made it are awesome (Y)

  20. le_dennis Says:

    Hey maggie, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    I agree Palin is doing a great job in gaining the support of our younger generation because she isn’t your typical conservative ‘old rich white boy’. you could call her a feminist pioneer, though i believe that term has way surpassed its use-by-date in today’s society.

    I don’t really mind whether the ageing McCain nor “change” Obama wins this election; do you have a preference?

  21. maggiesnail Says:

    Dennis: Obama’s campaign and vision is more appealling than McCain’s, in that he seems to have a real passion in uniting the country; and I really like this idea of a change…. So I’d prefer it if Obama won. (I was persuaded after his speech at the Democrats convention) :)

  22. marvin Says:

    I’d vote for Obama coz he is black. There I said it.

    Hieu: LOL.

  23. nessasary Says:

    Let’s all Barack for Obama!

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