cute (adj). pretty or attractive, esp in a delicate or dainty way

September 16, 2008

Spring days are awesome.

The weather is beautiful.

It has lead to some Day-go Seniors to wear their summer uniform; which is exceedingly cute.



15 Responses to “cute (adj). pretty or attractive, esp in a delicate or dainty way”

  1. marvin Says:

    Exceedingly embarrassing you mean. Try wearing that uniform on the streets of Liverpool or Fairfield. You will probably get bashed and robbed :(.

    Spring is awesome, especially coz my bday is in spring :D.

    Severe hayfever though…I think I sneezed like 12 times in a row at the station today.

  2. TIMSUN Says:


  3. aznsoftcore Says:

    summer uniform ROCKS

  4. Julie Says:

    LOL tien the crocodile hunter :P

  5. tienn Says:

    dude…i look like suck a jerk in the photo

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    Marvin: My one is too! When is your birthday? :D
    I would like to tempt fate and wear it to one of those two places! :)

    Sam: I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Julie: I take it you love spring too?
    Give Tien some blonde hair and beef bullets and he’ll be exactly like the croc hunter! ;)

    Tien: You sometimes can be one.

  7. TIMSUN Says:


  8. maggiesnail Says:

    Timothy: Lol! You’re not the only one- Hieu and Daniel had theirs chucked out by their mother.

  9. le_dennis Says:

    haha, nice pic! are you cross-dressing on muck-up day maggie? i’d love to see YOU in the boys summer uniform!

  10. maggiesnail Says:

    Dennis: I am! I’ll be borrowing Mr. Gary’s uniform; I hear that the summer uniform is very comfy, so I can’t wait!:D

  11. Gary Says:

    Dude, I can’t even wear mine tomorrow!

    I have run out of spare summer uniforms *tear*

    Its okay though, the memories of summer uniform have been there! Can’t wait for this weeek =D

  12. marvin Says:

    Oct 4th lol, whens yours?

  13. maggiesnail Says:

    Marvin: 19th of November (the day before the Formal mans!)

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