facile (adj.) (of a remark, argument, etc.) superficial and show lack of real thought

October 6, 2008

I’m not a superstitious person by nature… or at least I don’t like to be.
But the gusty wind that is howling through the cracks of my window scare me, and I think it’s you trying to tell me something.

I wish I could understand this language of yours, I would take on your bidding everyday; you still remain my favouritest aunt whom loved me as if I was your own.

To hear this news of late has made me think about you a lot more (I apologise for not doing so more often), and what you would want in this situation.  I think time has blurred a lot of what I thought or what I remember of you. I just remembered you always wanted the best for him…

I remember back when we were kids, I would go over your place often, and think that I was part of your family: loving, caring, spoilt even, because dad never gave me what you gave him, and hence, I grew fond of your love… envious even. You are beautiful.

Your sudden departure from the battle (news of hearsay) was confirmed when I arrived home from an awesome day at school (you seemed to mock me). What saddened me most was that I was kept away from you in your final months of fighting; there seemed to be some stigma that surrounded you – stigma that I now know to be false.  I am sorry for not going to see you goodbye.  Sorry I did not live up to the things you wanted me to do.  Sorry for not taking care of your boys.

(I can’t believe I left this note unsaid for 7 years)

As a 17 year old on the brink of adulthood, I wish you could tell me what to do; tell me what you want and I promise to try my best to do what is right by you, because you are that important to me… and to her.

P.S: I thought the recent Vice Presidential debate was much more exciting than the Presidential debate itself :D; both sides presented anything but facile points, and displayed an air of direction.

And I’m currently delving in the creations of Elliot Smith (thanks to a friend of mine. Cheers mate! :D)


3 Responses to “facile (adj.) (of a remark, argument, etc.) superficial and show lack of real thought”

  1. Hieu Says:

    Beautiful post!

  2. Thomas Says:

    I’m speechless.
    I love how your writing flows elegantly from one point to another.


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