December 31, 2008

Inspired by Lisa and Alysse:

Happy New Year everyone.
Thanks for everything.
It’s been an absolutely wonderful ride; can’t wait til 09 hits.

Love Maggie

Hieu: Hey guys. Too lazy to log on to my own blog, so I’ll just hitch a ride here. Thanks for an amazing 2008, looking forward to an even better 2009. Love you all!


2 Responses to “2009”

  1. Alysse Says:

    yay you started writing again maggie!
    and you remembered me and lisa :D :D
    happy 2009!

  2. lisa duong Says:

    YAYER! special mention!
    woooootage to the max!

    hope your nye was a hit :D

    much love,
    lisa :)

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