modicum (noun). a small portion; a limited quantity

January 3, 2009

A large portion of today was spent with the beautiful people that I am proud to call my friends.
Although a modicum of tea was consumed, it was still classed as a tea party with its own twist to include Singstar on PS2,  Pinata, pappadams (my new favourite food) and backyard cricket! :D

Thankyou so much to everyone who spent the day here- I thoroughly enjoyed your company and sincerely hope you enjoyed yourself! :)
Also, all the kiddies who got me a gift- thankyou so much :)

I just remembered a moment ago that I have been tagged by my friend Hieu to do a 5 facts post, wherein which I am to disclose 5 facts that may be unknown to my blog readers in an attempt to open myself up to them (even more), thus perhaps making me interesting? Let’s see how it goes.

Fact No. 1: I have a collarbone/neck fetish
It’s true. I think I started to have this fetish sometime after the picture Reila sent me of this cute boy who was her friend on myspace. It was him semi-nude, collarbones exposed.  I don’t know whether it was the lighting the photo had, the angel, the tone- whatever it was, it had me swooning and alas, I now have a collarbone fetish.
I also think I have a neck fetish second to my collarbone fetist- I suppose it’s the general area of where the collarbones are situated; it’s a beautiful part of the body (L).  I shall stop to save my readers.

Fact No.2: I don’t wash my Nudies

I bought a pair of Nudies in the March of 07 and they haven’t been washed/touched water since.  This is mainly due to the fact that I love the fit and colour now. I occasionally get people to smell them, and it smells fine- so to all those germaphobic people out there fearing the copious amount of dead skin cells within my favourite pair of jeans: it’s just a state of mind, seriously :) I’ll let you take a whiff if you want!

Fact No.3: I can’t pronouce the word ‘suede’ properly

I pronounce as ‘zoo’ed’ instead of ‘swayed’ (how it is actually pronounced in the English language). Yeah…sometimes I think I need speech pathology as well.

Fact No.4: I like the neglected colours in a gummi candy packet
You’ve all seen it, the neglected colours in a gummi candy packet are the yellows and oranges- which I prefer over the favourite reds/purples.

Fact No. 5: I used to think I was a boy
(Or a hermaphrodite). I think it was because I was growing irregularly when I was young, and recently, have had irregular periods.  Also, I think my voice is quite deep for a girl’s voice, so thats another contributing factor to why I thought I was a boy.
But rest assured, I’ve had ultrasound scans that confirm I am a girl who will probably produce healthy offspring. (:

My ukulele is finally tuned (thankyou Darren). The C chord now sounds like a C chord and the F for the F.
I’m gonna go learn some now. Toodles.


5 Responses to “modicum (noun). a small portion; a limited quantity”

  1. Ken Says:

    fact#2 is frikken awesome!

  2. leenalove Says:

    I enjoyed myself immensely at your house darling :)

    I was happy to see your face after such a long time!


  3. maggiesnail Says:

    Ken: Two is awesome cos I’m awesome! (H)

    Leena: Fairy lights soooon yes? :)
    (I can imagine you have a gazillion cam-whoring ideas? :P)

  4. Tan Says:

    Fact1 is fair interesting. Is it the first thing you look for now when you check out a male/potential mate?

    As with fact 4, I naturally DO prefer orange. Reds as well cuz its my favourite colour but there’s something suss with yellow. I always get the perception that they’re too sour but i like pub squash.. so that’s why the yellow gummy bear survives in my eyes.

    Purple is overrated.

  5. jason kenny Says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

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