Weekend No. 1

January 4, 2009

As cleverly pointed out by Kenny, my not-so-new 2009 boxed calendar doesn’t give me two separate words for the weekend. And seeing as I have already used modicum for yesterday’s post, I am left with no new words to play with until tomorrow.

Today, I attended the Bondi Markets again with my Nessa. I would say we did quite well tackling the Erin Loiuse singlets sale there!  Although, the markets were a tad quiet today because the people who DJs the soul/rythm&blues/jazz/acoustic music were on holidays.  I also didn’t manage to find any good bangles and the stand that sold leather bound dairies/journals wasn’t there today :(
Nonetheless, I managed to grab 6 adorable items for less than $150 altogether  :) PROUD
(I am living up to the money-wise standard, as it is after boxing-day sales, so YAY!)

I really like the markets. They have awesome stuff and at good prices (sometimes). And the atmosphere there is so laid back and everyone is so nice, that you can’t help but be nice yourself (: Yeah, it’s kinda like that. I sincerely hope the lady who lost her wallet found our note band-aid to the seat, and retrieved her wallet from the food bar.
I plan on tackling Paddington and Glebe soon. Date anyone?

Besides the markets, Nessa and I also ventured our way back to the city (via 830- what an awesome (L) route) to find the Apple Store. We found it without too much trouble – you can’t really miss the 3/4 storey glass building with colourful posters of Nanochromatics and the big white apple (Apple sign).
First time in the Sydney Apple Inc. Store got me excited about getting the new-generaion Macbook – oh hot dayum it is gorgeous! (Thankyou Mr. K Rudd for paying for almost half of it; I’ll do my best to put it to good use!)  I’m also thinking about investing in a portable speaker system and the single prospect of blasting either Jack Johnson or the Dota song at the beach gets me excited :D
Weeeeeeeeeeee! But this would consequently mean more spending, which would go against my vow to be  money-wise … so I’m gonna ask my parentals if I should and see what they say.

Oh! And I also tried my first Cold Rock Ice Cream today! White chocolate ice cream with Oreos, gummi bears and mango. It was niceeee but pricey, so I probably won’t have another one until next month. I’ll just stick to New Zealand Natural and Copenhagen (:
Note to anyone who intends on trying Cold Rock Ice Cream: DO NOT put gummi bears into ice-cream because you’ll end up making them hard, defeating the purpose of chewy gummi bears. (Y)

The 17-day trackwork scheduled for the South Line is quite annoying in terms of comfort and convenience. I’m seriously annoyed at the fact that it takes place during the time when the sun is shining, meaning I’d rather go out than stay home. And the replacement buses aren’t all that comfortable, except for the occasional coaches- which are rare in the south-west. I’m used to public transport (I’ve already spent $20 these past 3 days) and all, but the decline in comfort is making me grr, especially on hot days where buses are hotter, and skin perspire, sticking to the seat of the bus. Yukkkky
However, today’s alternative transport arrangement has allowed a lot of time to be spent mingling with the best friend, which needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed! :)
Nessa, have fun on your trip to Thailand! Wear lots of sunscreen; safe sex, no regrets. (L)(L)

I shall best be off. I have work tomorrow; prepare for a mundane post tomorrow my dear readers-
until then, bye (:

P.S: I even got a signed bag from Erin Louise :D
(I am wearing one of her singlets as well. Go search on Facebook/myspace for her! :D)

P.P.S: I also got a new lantern for my room. It totally beats my other one, which has picked up a copious amount of dust.


8 Responses to “Weekend No. 1”

  1. Vanessa Says:


  2. Vanessa Says:

    OMG the gummy bears! I bet the protestors thought we were laughing at them! HAHAHAHA
    Anywho, great day today lovely! See you when I get back! (Bearing gifts, along with your mail order husband you’ve been longing for LOL)

  3. maggiesnail Says:

    LOL! That’s what I forgot to mention!
    The protestors on George Streeeet!


  4. maggiesnail Says:

    actually, cbb right now. LOL
    next time! :D

    I lovee you nessssa!

  5. TIMSUN Says:

    You have a Macbook? :o
    I want one too!

    Oh I love the Apple Store. I sat there for a whole hour once because I had to wait for my appointment to get my iPod fixed, and all I did was sit at on of the computers and use their ultra-fast Internet. Felt kinda guilty, too.

  6. maggiesnail Says:

    Timothy: No I don’t have one yet, but I’m planning to get one when uni starts! :)

  7. Tan Says:

    I’d love to go to a real Market one day. Ther’es something about Fairfield Market that unnerves me.

    Trackwork is horrendous lately. I’ve made all my city- plans post this train hiatus thingo. Although I think from Fairfield up to city it’s ok. I remember two weeks ago it took me 2 hrs to get to Bondi Beach


    Tan: Ooooh! I haven’t been to the Fairfield markets for a very long time..wonder what that place has become.
    I shall go get some corndogs there sooon! (H)

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