solicitous (adj). anxious; worried; concerned; eager

January 5, 2009

Today was my first day back at work from three days break after New Years. The sales hype has died down a bit so work is less busy- which is nice because I think it lead me to an epiphany. It revolves around the relationship between appearance and the amount of sales within a day.

You should know that I personally don’t get a lot of sales(I do a lot of stocking) and that my mum is very attractive for her age (though she doesn’t agree with me). Because Xmas is over, it’s less busy so there isn’t much stocking needed, so I get to serve customers.
I’ve come to the conclusion that mum is a much better sales person than myself because of her looks/appearance. Albeit I have better english and conversational skills than mum, she ends up making more sales, and I’ve narrowed it down to her looks (Y)
I think this stemmed from the realisation that all the sales reps from the wholesale companies are amazingly good looking, like James who visited today.
Also, Nessa’s mum said to Nessa that she dresses nicely to work to keep customers coming back. All Maggie ever wears to work is her work shirt and a pair of jeans- not very appealing at all.
Furthermore, I had a customer enquire about my age, to which I responded with an 18, as it is my age (integrity is also another way to keep the customer comic back). To her shock and my horror, she expressed to me that she thought I was 12 years of age.
Now, I understand I don’t look fully developed on terms of the womanality, but I was quite offended at the tender age she has estimated me to be. I mean, 12 was the age I still had my mum braid my hair in two pigtails, and had a flat chest! :(
This naturally lead to draw another conclusion: my sales were down because I looked like a kid, and everyone knows not to trust kids when entering a trade agreement/ever.

So in order to up my number of sales per day, I have decided to change my work outfit to include my favourite piece of clothing this season (high-waisted skirts) and wear some make-up. Let’s hope it works when I go back to work on Wednesday.

Speaking of work, my dear friend Abarna started her first day of her high-paying cadetship. I would just like to pronounce how proud I am of her! Well done dear! :)

I shall be attending the UNSW Info Day!
I’m really solicitous about starting uni… I really don’t know what’s in stall and how hard I have to work and all that. But I’m also really excited about meeting new kids and experiencing what it feels likes and the course itself (that is if I get accepted) and finally having a routine to my day! Oh how I miss the routine of school :(
Hopefully, I see a lot of the beautiful kids from school! I miss them too much (L)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I bought myself a cordless phone! About time I say; I’m tired of my dad listening in on my conversastions (:


5 Responses to “solicitous (adj). anxious; worried; concerned; eager”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    Three cheers for Info Day! I’m planning to go to the Point of No Return, also known as Macquarie.


    Timothy: AWH! You’ll be going there too! BOOO! Come to UNSW :D

  3. Tan Says:

    Shouldn’t you be complimenting customers no matter what they wear? They gotta like what they hear before they start to like you I think ;)

    You’ll learn in uni that there is no replacement to a Hurlstonian. Cuz I’m isolated in my course, i don’t get to see hurlstonians alot but that just makes me value their friendship even more AAAND its almost theraputic talking to them. CLose friends will REMAIN as close friends as long as you want to REMAIN close to them.. if you get what I mean. You should enjoy uni though, a totally different environment.


    Tan: Thankyou for your wise words. They make me feel a bit better :)

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