centrifugal (adj). tending to move away from a centre

January 6, 2009

Let it be known that this post is being typed up on a Macbook Pro (H), courtesy of my friend, Darren (hello!).  This would be the first post I have ever typed up on the awesome Mac which means this post would be awesome as well! :D

Because of the horrible heat wave that struck Sydney today, we scurried our way back from the city to the comfort of the air-conditioned rumpus of Daniel’s place. Info Day at UNSW was alright; the discipline stalls were of more help than the program lectures themselves.  This means that I didn’t actually have to wake up at 6:30 am after 4-5 hours sleep- I look run down and am currently running not on human brain function, but on the mere, centrifugal excitement and joy of being with the kids from school.

I am currently taking a break from my learning to play the ukulele to blog about the day- which was okay- I have figured out what my UAC preferences (thanks to the lady at the Law stall and the Arts and Social Science stall), and I got to spend this beautiful, but horribly hot and humid, day with friends that I haven’t seen in what seems to be ages. FUN! :D

I think I’m gonna enjoy what I have left of wondrous, free time with these kiddies- the truly make me ever so happy.  I’m kinda scared about ‘time’s desolating drift’ (Harwood has taken its toll on me. Horrible); I’m scared that the moment we enter out own individual courses at university, we’re gonna lose the contact, friendship and intimacy we have now.  I know that I’m stating the inevitable and whatnot, and this will probably come across as a delayed reaction because we finished high school near two months ago, but today’s info day made it so clear that we’re starting Uni so, so soon- and it just pretty much put things into perspective for me in regards to time and friends.
I’m glad that most of the kids from school has elected UNSW as their choice of university to attend, because at least we’ll be in the same place?
But from the talks and all, I have gathered that we meet so, so many more people in Uni, I mean… what if in the rush and excitement of things, I lose grasp of the ones I’ve come to cherish?
Blehhhhh ):

But at the same time, I’m really excited about the prospect of starting University; it sounds so grand and fun; and meeting new people who share the same interests as you would simply be awesome. YAYAYAYAY! :D

Anyway, I’m gonna take a moment to say how cool Daniel’s place is: very. He has little chicks (two) in the backyard that remind me everso much about Hurlstone; his mum is pretty awesome cooking us dinner and all (nice stuff); his dad is funny LOLLLL; his house is a mansion (but not as mansion-y as Dilini’s LOLL!) etc.
Thanks for having me over dear, it was great to hang out with you and the other fellas today (: Let’s do some more chillin next time? And I might even beat you at learning a song! (We can all dream :D)

I now have the chords down pact for the song I’m learning to play on the ukulele, now I got to go practise to be ready by Friday/Saturday :)
And I’ve got work tomorrow; new uniform! Weeeeeeeeeee!

P.S: Apologies for overuse of emoticons in this post- might have toned down the awesomeness it was supposed to be. I find them a very good way to convey your feelings :D

P.P.S: Using a cordless phone is such an awesome sensation! (L)


6 Responses to “centrifugal (adj). tending to move away from a centre”

  1. leenalove Says:

    LOL I LOVE YOU (L) & your editting :D

    I’m glad I’ve seen you like TWICE this week :)

    Annnnd I hope I’m not jinxing things when I say I hope we don’t drift so easy *crosses everything*


    Leena: We’ll be at UNSW together :D WOOOOO!

  3. TIMSUN Says:

    UNSW makes me angry because it made me walk in the rain for a kilometre because I didn’t bring an umbrella and because it is not very well designed.

    Imagine having to walk all that way everyday to get to the Arts block. And imagine if it was as rainy as Open Day, or as hot as Info Day. Bah.

    That said, $10 says I end up there anyway.

  4. Tan Says:

    Ooh UNSW! More Hurlstonage! If you’re doing law you only need to be at uni max 3 days a week. Suggest you hunting for a job soon to keep yourself busy.

    Yarr how fricking hot was it yesterday? I think I have the cold or something now.. my nose is blocked. Strange.


    Timothy: YAY to being fellow arts student! :D FUN FUN FUN!

    Tan:I want a job in a cafe! Let’s hope I find one sooooon!

  6. Deemeister Says:

    We be peacing out later at mah ghetto with the C-side massiv!

    i need a fuken job du ma !

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