lackadaisical (adj). lacking spirit, liveliness or interest; languid

January 7, 2009

My tummy has been acting up today, and I don’t feel 100%.  I wanna get better by Friday/Saturday because that’s when I’m free from work and can go have fun! :)

This post is probably gonna be a lackadaisical one as it has been a lackadaisical day. The hot and humid weather has made me very lazy. Apologies in advanced.

I sincerely hope the kiddies who went Bondi today enjoyed themselves and didn’t get themselves too burnt; and to those who are heading to the beach tomorrow, have fun! (:

I recently downloaded some hip-hop songs, namely that ‘ayer’ song and the ‘whatever you like’ song; and they have been on repeat since. I know, I know- I’m a tad slow with these things; it’s because I don’t know the name of the song and who actually sings them, because normally, I’m not into this type of genre of music.  But it has caught on (H)
I think it’s the influence of the beach house, where my fellow housemates would pump the music on full blast from 6am in the morning; good times (Y)

I should head back to practising the uke for Friday/Saturday. Weeeee!
I don’t think I’ve ever thanked Darren for teaching me; thankyou dearrr (:


3 Responses to “lackadaisical (adj). lacking spirit, liveliness or interest; languid”

  1. lisa Says:

    buscopan maggie!
    its the wonder drug!

  2. darren Says:

    No worries Maggie!
    Hope your fingertips aren’t too battered for Saturday lol.


    Lisa: Never tried that…too scared to; I mean, what if it makes me go toilet constantly? My bum would be soreeeee as :(

    Darren: My fingers are fine (: Hooray to moisturising cream! :D

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