perspicuity (noun). the quality of being plain to the understanding; clearness and lucidity

January 8, 2009

I really like this song a song by The Fratellis: Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes (name of blog was derived from the song).
The melody and rhythm makes me really happy :D
( 8 ) Ole black n blue eye-eye-eye-eyes  ( 8 )

At work today, I encountered an elderly couple. They purchased a tea set/coffee mug  – I forget.  The only reason I remember them was because they were the only old couple that I’ve seen for quite a while.
I don’t know if you know this, but I absolutely adore old couples. I somewhat feel relieved everytime I see one just strolling along the shops, hand in hand. I reassures me that by the time I hit old-age, I don’t have to be alone; because I see to many old people, unloved and uncared for in the old people’s home (where my grandmother stays).  They rely on kind strangers to help them get by the day, in or out of comfort.  Their loved ones have neglected them due to unknown reasons, or have simply left them- just like that.

I’ve heard too many stories of heartache, loss and mourning from my grandmother, which kinda scared me when I was younger, thinking that I’d grow old, alone. (The simplicityof the child’s mind and thought process is still incomprehensible; I sometimes wish I thought with this perspicuity)

So to see this elderly couple entering the shop together, picking out something together, handle the money together, and leave, holding each other’s hand made me so happy :)

I’ve been particularly busy since HSC has finished, so I feel really sad to admit, that I haven’t been keeping in touch with the rest of the world. I know that there is a current conflict in Gaza – but that is all I know.
I don’t even know how the situation came about, the impetus, the reasons, WHERE GAZA EVEN IS. OMG- I feel as if I’m gonna fail International Studies already :(
I tried reading the paper on Tuesday, but the article about the conflict was extremely convoluting as I didn’t know the preceeding details. It’s kinda like reading half-way through a shoddy novel; you don’t know what is going on, until you go back to chapter one, the foreward even, so you get the whole story.
(Or maybe its just me being slow, and needing all the facts before understanding. I can be a tad meticulous sometimes)
I’m going to read the paper tomorrow.

Good morning Leena Susan. Oh! how I wish I was in your presence so I can smell that newly opened bottle of Herbal Essence that is locked into those curls of your hair. HAHA :D


10 Responses to “perspicuity (noun). the quality of being plain to the understanding; clearness and lucidity”

  1. Gary Says:

    LOL Gaza. Reminds me of what Andrew calls me…instead of Gazza =.=

    Gaza is in Palestine btw =]

  2. leenalove Says:

    I got a mention, as did my edible-smelling hair.

    Does a little dance.

    Wooooo hecccctiiicccc!

    AND you remembered to make the greeting morning cause I was faaaast asleep when you posted this so in response I say…



  3. Tan Says:

    Where DO YOU work may I ask?

  4. mish Says:

    lols it’s okay, i don’t know where gaza is either. and as a matter of fact, i have no idea what happened in gaza.
    i admire how you actually want to know what’s going on in this big world. lols – i should make it a new habit or something :L
    hope your holidays are going well


    Gary: LOLLLLLL! Hello Gaza! ;)

    Leena: I’m glad that it added a hint of euphalation to your morning.

    Tan: I work at Miranda; come visit! :D

    Mish: I hope yours are going well too! :) Yeah, I feel kinda silly not knowing what is going on- makes me feel rather lost.
    You should take it up as a habit! :)

  6. James Bond Says:

    I absolutely detest those Socialist Alternative people who, on Info Day, tried to coerce us into signing a petition which would supposedly end the conflict in Gaza.

    Methinks that on a scale of one to ten, their naivete would rate an eleven.

  7. leenalove Says:

    Oh euphalation should sooo totally be on a calendar. LOL.

  8. TIMSUN Says:


    Except at Macquarie. But still!


    James Bond: LOL! I would agree!
    The day before Info Day, there was a whole protest rally from Town Hall to Belmore Park; they mean serious business. >T

    Leena: Of course it should! :D

    Timothy: I thought you always knew I wanted to do International Studies (combined with Law).

  10. TIMSUN Says:

    Never! The wind tunnel aggravates me so. :D

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