guileless (adj). honest; straight-forward

January 11, 2009

(I had this all typed up and ready to post via the iPhone, and there is some stupid, stupid, stupid! communication id error bull; so here I am re-typing everything:()

I realised last night coming home from Tammy’s birthday bash that I forgot to blog for the day (yesterday).

I was gonna come home and do it but we got lost in the car, and so when we got home, it was late and i was extremely tired, so I didn’t end up blogging.  However, I did thoroughly enjoy myself yesterday! :)

I woke up at the glorious hour of 11 in the morning- my favourite time of day because it’s when (I think) the sun is most brightest!  I didn’t end up eatching Seven Pounds with beautiful Kenny, but Tuesday is coming up, so it should be a good day to head out for the movies (and bag $10 movie tickets! YAY)

I had a ball at Tammy’s 18th Bash; my favourite bit was chowing down chicken curry puffs, helping to get her present reading in the guest room with Jenny and the other girlies, and playing the Happy Birthday song on the uke :)
Obviously, there were other favourite bits of the night but I’m too lazy to mention it ;)
Hehehhehehehehehe (oh dear, how awfully lame you must think I am)

I realise that I am not wholistically guileless on this blog; by that I mean I don’t disclose a lot of things, and the things that I choose to blog about are rather trivial.  Apologies for that.
I think the somewhat sudden and impulsive daily blogging thing kinda makes me shy away from particular things because I am not yet comfortable enough to share all my thoughts about these particular things, bu I feel I’m getting better at it? (Just give me a month or so)

Anyway, Mummy just called to remind me to do the washing :(
I’ll be back with today’s post (Y)

Have a wonderful day avid blog readers (aka Kenny and Leena). I looooove you guys (L)

P.S: Too lazy to edit/spell-check.


One Response to “guileless (adj). honest; straight-forward”

  1. leenalove Says:

    Hehe you caught me.

    “So do I refresh the page yet?”

    I love you too :D

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