malingerer (noun). a person who feigns illness or other incapicity in order to avoid duty or work

January 11, 2009

HAHA. When I first saw the word for today, one person (almost) simultaneously popped into my head (:
Free ice-cream to whoever guesses corectly first!

So today would be the first day in a very long while in which I had to myself.  Seeing as I had the day to myself, I decided to do what I like doing best: watching DVDs.  (I think if I was to have another one of these lazy days soon, I’ll quickly become a malingerer and fail at (uni) life. It feels so amazingly good to have a day to yourself (L)).

Jerry Maguire was very well made film.  I finally understand where phrases such as “show me the money” and “you had me at hello” come from; the feeling of knowing the origins of popular culture is awesome (H) I feel as if I should start spending time on the Dr. Who series to understand the trock music that is on the rise in terms of popularity. Alternatively, I can go talk to Pom, who is a human, walking and talking Dr. Who encyclopedia.  He is one awesome kid (Y)  Anyway, Jerry Maguire. The little kid that plays Ray is so adorable!

Cool Runnings is another one of those films that I’ve have missed out on in my youth, perhaps contributing to my strong lack of awareness (otherwise phrased as STRONG UAWARES). I’d like to happily announce that I am now STRONG AWARES, having finished watching the film, one and half times.  My favourite character by far is Sanka; he has a lucky egg which he kisses for goodluck. Yeah, it was a good film- good storyline and themes (:

Season 4 Nip/Tuck’s ending was better than season 3’s. Although the former half of the series was a bit drowning in terms of emotions involved with the storyline.  It got better when the writers incorporated characters from past seasons, and then getting rid of them in the end. So good to know the evil guy is dead and the team can start fresh! :)
(Sorry if i ruined it for you :S). Can’t wait until I get my hand on Season 5.

The Office looks good. I shall start an episode tonight if I’m not too busy/lazy.

Well that was my day, spent lazying around.  How did you laze (?) around?


One Response to “malingerer (noun). a person who feigns illness or other incapicity in order to avoid duty or work”

  1. Pho Says:

    Wooo The Office!

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