supercilious (adj). coolly and patronisingly haughty; proud

January 12, 2009

My feet smells. I’m gonna go wash them and then come back and finish this. I can’t blog with stinky feet.


They smell better now! :) I think I might be developing a feet odour problem.. or maybe it’s the cheap Cotton On shoes I’m wearing for work from 9-5. I don’t know.. I wish my feet would smell beautiful all the time, like this new jasmine oil that is burning away. If only this blog had a scratch-and-sniff function, I would so totally share! :D

Work was quiet today- the whole Centre was.  I don’t think it was until after 3pm that it got busy. So it was a long day.
But to conquer the long day, I amused myself with little trivial things (as you would).

I was to pay off some phone bills, so I had to go on an adventure to the Post office, which isn’t inside the Centre itself, but outside near the station and a little further. On my way down there, I was happily skipping along, soaking in what I could of the Sun’s beautiful rays (with UV protection on of course!), seeing as I was going to be stuck in the Centre all day and wouldn’t be able to do so any other time. I wasn’t particularly paying full attention to my surroundings, but I remember seeing a lot of people strolling about and something coming in my general direction (at the time, I didn’t know what it was that was speeding at me, thanks to my short-sightedness).   However, as the speeding object came accelerating towards me, I quickly realised it was some dude pulling some stunt on his bike. Being the logical person I am, I move to my left to let him pass through without colliding with me.  (This is not the point of my story LOL)
Anywho, it reminded me of the time my grandma was cursing at a teenager who crashed into me with his bike: “PUCK YOU, PUCK YOU! YOU STUPIT!! YOU PUCK YOU!!” and constant smacking/hitting the boy. I think I was 5.
Yeah. Just made me realise (again) how much I miss my grandma, and how much I’ve grown up. I sometimes kinda wish I still had that defender- it’s quite comforting and selfish. Comforting because you know you’ll be protected from the world by that one person; selfish because you know you can take care of yourself, but you’d rather have someone else do it.

On my way back from the Post office, I felt compelled to buy my first Scratchie, so I did. I lost $1.10 :(
I also tried my first Churro (Spanish doughnut).  Jenny first mentioned it to me back when she found out I started working in Miranda, but I never found the actual chocolateria until recently.  And seeing as I’ve already blown $1.10 on that Scratchie, might as well spend some more on some new food.  The first thing that came to my head upon the first bite of the Churro was that it was hot (because they make it fresh with this cool machine wheel thing).  I think I might have slightly burnt my toungue, but whatever.  When it cooled down a bit, the Churro turned out to be quite nice! It’s really nice to munch on- I love things that you can munch on! Can’t wait to go there again with the girlies and try other things on the menu! :D

I wish someone would lay down some rules/guidelines regarding the indication of an embarrassing flaw on someone else whom you do not know, that is, things like the fly being undone, mascara/eyeliner smudge, snot on the tip of the nostrils, lipstick on teeth etc. etc.
So like… a customer came in today; an old lady, who was breathing very heavily. And everytime she breathed out, a piece of snot would flap out, and when she breathed in, it would flap back in (get the picture). Initially, I just LOL’d- because I was extremely bored. Not long after, I felt bad.  I was in a mental conflict. I didn’t know whether I should have told her, or just let her figure it out herself?  I mean, it’d be really rude of me to point it out, because it would embarrass her? I don’t want to come across as a supercilious person.
There was another customer; male, tall, jeans- fly undone (obviously just came from the toilet). I should have probably pointed it out to him, but then it would insinuate I was looking down there..which would be embarrassing on both parties….

I personally would like to be told if I have lipstick on my teeth or if my mascara/eyeline is smudged- it wouldnt embarrass me if someone random pointed it out.
But if someone just came up to me whilst I was just strolling along, and points out my fly is undone, or I have snot stuck to my nose, I’d be horribly embarrass.

Such a conundrum really. What would you have done? Do you have rules for these situations?
Help Maggie out in her customary etiquette! :D

P.S: I lost a ring at Tammy’s party. It’s got a topaz stone and it’s really pretty. Please contact me if you find something of such description. Thankyou.

P.P.S: I know I’m 13 days late, but I finally got myself a 2009 diary! :D It’s from Kikki.K and I lovee it!


4 Responses to “supercilious (adj). coolly and patronisingly haughty; proud”

  1. David Says:

    hahaha it is so awkward to tell them but it is the best thing to do i think. i mean if you dont tell them, theyre gonna be walking around with snot/their fly undone until they finally realise (which may be forever). i dunno, i usually chicken out, but i think the most effective way is to whisper it to them and then quickly change the subject.

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    HOMG churros. I loved them when I was little, but you can’t find them anywhere anymore. The last time I had one was at Disneyland three years ago. You know they charge $5 for one at Disneyland. Highway robbery, I tell you.

  3. myemye Says:

    I’m with David on this. Usually I’d whisper it to the person and walk off so they’re not too embarrassed about their little oopsie.

    But it depends on your personality really. Some people couldn’t care less if you were walking around a department store with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe (which I almost did until I slipped on it) and didn’t inform you since it’s none of their business, but the nicer ones, if you’re fortunate will tip you off.

  4. leenalove Says:

    I need a diary.

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