agglomeration (noun). the action or process of collecting in a mass; a heap or cluster of usually different elements

January 14, 2009

Hello there dear reader! :) Aint the weather stinkin’? It is so hot in Sydney right now… I wish it would cool down.
To Ms P. Wong: Can you please work out something soon to save the future generation from the flutuating temperatures throughout summer? It would be really nice if you do. Thankyou.

Wednesday is a work day for Maggie, so Maggie was at work today. It was the usual.
Except(!), a lovely regular customer came in today with a platter of cookies/biscuits.  She bought one of the cookie-making press guns from the shop a couple of years back, and eversince then, she would come in around this time of year and give us cookies/biscuits she makes using the press gun. They’re pretty simple biscuits but it’s such a lovely gesture – I love free food! :D

I realised today during my morning tea/lunch break that I really love reading the paper. I found myself neglecting Churros and coffee, and intently immersed in the articles regarding the conflict in Gaza (in Monday’s paper).  I think I’m going to take out a subscription to SMH or The Australian; I really like The Australian’s detailed and thorough coverage on world news, but I like SMH’s details in local, state and national news. Maybe I should take out both? I shall ask my local newsagent (Y)

I was browsing Lincraft today (as I waitede for Churros to be made), and I found some awesome material that can be use to make my own Erin-Louise-styled singlets, which are priced at $40 each; I know, wtf?  (The ones I bought before were on sale! :D) Anywho, I reckon I’m gonna take a stab in making a similar one- Should cost me less than $40 to agglomerate all I need!

I also found Apple Jacks today! GO ME! :D
I first heard about them when watching Jerry Maguire- and they sounded nice, so I wanted to try.

They look like Fruit Loops, but only in the Orange and Green Os. Seeing as it was called APPLE Jacks, I thought it would taste like apple, but it didn’t. The (subtle) apple flavour is over powered by the cinnamon flavour- which is okay, but I’d prefer the apple flavour.
I’m gonna go find myself a packet of Maynard’s Wine Gums next time! (I heard about this through Youtube) Hooray to imported products from the U.S and the U.K  :D

I’m gonna go stream Ep 15 of Gossip Girl now because I didn’t do so last night.  This was because I was addicted to a Tetris Game in which Jessica N linked me to. Toodles!


4 Responses to “agglomeration (noun). the action or process of collecting in a mass; a heap or cluster of usually different elements”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    Hi-five for love for the churros. Oh yeah.

  2. James Bond Says:

    Uh, if you’re really keen try the Economist. Expensive, but quite worth it if you read it back-to-back.


    James Bond: Just to let you know, I chuck out my Business Day section… Can’t comprehend it at all

  4. James Bond Says:

    Just to support my point, the Economist doesn’t deal with purely business/economics news. It covers foreign affairs, policy… and book reviews!
    Avoid Quadrant at all costs. Sycophantic bulls***.

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