histrionic (adj). deliberately affected; theatrical

January 15, 2009

It’s my grandmother’s 73rd birthday today. I’m gonna go visit her tomorrow morning with some flowers before I head out with the kids that make me happy :)

Today was a relatively busy day at work, so it wasn’t as tiring as the not-so-busy days. I think having something to do makes you less tired than to have you stand there all day, seriously.

I feel a rather pointless entry coming up, so apologies for wasting downloads (but then again, most of my entries are rather pointless… So boo)

I’m on my way home from work now, and it amazes me how this morning’s 26 stinkin degrees celcius turned into a thundery below 20 degrees celcius. I feel a cold creepin in.

It’s so dark on Heathcote now… wonder how Mummy feels about driving in the dark with rain…

So I was randomly regurgitating some thoughts in my mind to Mummy today (as you do), and I’m not particularly sure about disharging this one thought about a boy. I hint it and all, but haven’t directly said it- not sure why. I’m scared it’s a reflection of how I truly feel, which I’m not even sure about. I know that his intentions are not suppused to be histronic(?), but I cant help but feel what I feel. I really hate this feeling- go away NOW! (no sense)

Going to eat now. See you soon.


One Response to “histrionic (adj). deliberately affected; theatrical”

  1. Tee Says:

    Holy, your blog has had 16 636 hits
    new blog?

    wish your grandfather a happy and joyous birthday!
    god help him blow out those 73 birthday candles. Let’s hope they re-ignite.

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