perfidious (adj). treacherous; disloyal

January 16, 2009

I am now taking my time away from making babycakes to quickly put up a post for today.
I have 10 minutes, so here we go! :D

Woke up at the near-glorious hour of 10am this morning to get ready to head out to MSY with some lovely people, then have luch at Toscanis with more lovely people.  I think I might have over ordered; I have already spent a perfidious amount of money on food, which could be better spent for joining the gym membership at M1. Seriously.

However, because Nigel was late, we ended up going to lunch before MSY.
I was really excited to go visit this technology/computer stall, and not because of it’s awesome shop design or because of the friendly staff. Rather, it was the talked about snobbery and unfriendliness of the place that made me eager to go and scope out this place of business.
On the contrary, the place was alright. The staff was okay; they know their stuff, which is always good (Y)  And the prices are apparantly the best buy in suburban Sydney. So go check out the place if you know where it is/if you find it.

After MSY, we finally made our way to the IKEA store, the only one in NSW. What a heavenly place to spend a day (or 3 hours). It had everything: comfy beds, comfy couches, kitchen, toilets, toys, good (cheap) food, air con for the stinkin’ hot day. It was awesome. I picked out some new bed sheets and quilt cover set today. Can’t wait to go next time for a DVD shelf. Shame they didnt stock wall (vinyl) paper; it would have made my day.

I sometimes think about how I am affected by those around me. I love it when people around me are having a good time, enjoying themselves, being happy- because that in turn makes me happy. It can be seen as living vicariously I suppose. But what dulls down the mood is when someone important to you isn’t there, when someone important to you isn’t feeling the elation and joy you are feeling, when someone important to you can’t share what they are feeling. It really saddens me.
I sometimes wish I was affected by those around me to a much lesser extent. I suppose that’s one of the reasons why I want to be a boy in my afterlife- they generally tend to dwell on their emotions and just live and let live.

Anyway- 10 minutes + have elapsed. My babycakes have prolly gone hard.

P.S: They have. Booooo!


One Response to “perfidious (adj). treacherous; disloyal”

  1. lisa Says:

    i was at ikea today too!

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