justificatory (adj). tending or servicing to justify; vindicatory

January 18, 2009

So yesterday I attended the Glebe Markets for the first time with Nessa, Hieu and Darren :D It wasn’t hard to find, and was quite packed and full of stalls! Some stalls sold similar things, but most stuck to their own things. I found myself this dress which was supposed to be $55, but because it was on the half price rack (when it wasn’t supposed to be), the stall keeper said she’d give it to me for half price, so I bought the dress for half price. At first, I just thought it was a nice/cute dress that I could wear out; now I’m thinking I can wear it to my CNY dinner/outing/Australian Day BBQ.  I also got a few bits and pieces, and an awesome bracelet there as well.
It’s not as vintage/retro as Bondi, but in terms of availability and culture, it was awesome (:

I also watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday! Some bits of the movie were a bit confronting (justificatory and expected of Boyle’s films), but overall, it was quite good. The ending is a scam- seriously. The dancing was used to make up sit through the closing credits. Booo! 4.5/5
Dendy cinemas’ atmosphere is pretty exclusive. It was my first time there, so I really didn’t know what to expect of it. There are a lot more older people than there was the younger crowd- but it was nice to be the young ones amongst the crowd.

I also attended my first cruise dinner last night! It was a buffet dinner, so I completely stuffed myself before heading outside the cruise to play on the deck. The city is nicest when it’s dusk, with a light breeze. I really enjoyed it- thankyou Mike/Anita for organising! (:

Walking from King Street Wharf to the Rocks made me realise how many clubs/pubs there are in the city, along the one street, namely George Street. With clubs comes girls in short dresses and ridiculously high heels/pumps; to which I wonder how the hell they can manage to walk the distant and speed they walk at to get to their destination. I would have gone barefoot, and put the shoes on at the destination. Me and heels aren’t entirely compatible.

Failing to wake up early this morning, I didn’t head out to Bondi with Nessa. So we’re going to head out next Sunday (with Vee and Vina) instead. Should be fun. To the weather: please be nice! I’m working extra hard this week for you to keep up your awesome work! :D

I did however, get to spend a delightful day with Daniel, Darren, Vee and Jenny :D
We went to find Daniel’s baby (guitar) at the guitar shop, but they weren’t open, so GG Daniel. But we did go pillow shopping at Target (where Gianluca works! Hello friend!) Pillow shopping, I found, can be quite strenuous in terms of deciding which one to purchase. There were sizes, material, composition, softness, type of sleeper, multiple packs all to determine before perchasing. I needed a higher pillow because I’m a side sleeper, but I also like my pillows soft. I ended up with a King size Gussetted pillow and a Medium size Anti-Bacterial Treated pillow! Let’s hope they provide a good sleep tonight (:
We then picked up Jenny for lunch, and ended up going to Lonestar. Good steak, good music; but ridiculously over-priced.

Then we headed over to Jenny’s for a bit. I really love her dogs- I plan to be Lucy’s friend on Tuesday (: I’ll bring some Schmakos ;)
Darren’s dogs are really cute! They have the cutest haircuts (L), and can do tricks! (provided you have Schmakos)
Daniel’s chickens are dead :(

I really wish my dad didn’t hate domestic animals, so I can have a dog for myself. I know exactly where it can sleep in my room: next to my dresser, near the door so it can run out to the toilets and take a pee/poo (when I get it potty-trained of course!)
This is the main reason I want to move out of home, so I can finally have pets in the house! And so I can paint walls and design the whole house with IKEA stuff. Sweet as! (H)

I think I’ve verbally regurgitated enough; tell me about your weekend? Pretty  please with a cherry on top (:


One Response to “justificatory (adj). tending or servicing to justify; vindicatory”

  1. relapseandsoda Says:

    You should try Oxford Street markets, open on Saturdays. That’s my favourite. This is Trisia btw, nice blog, I dfon’t think I’ve ever been on it before.

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