maelstrom (noun). a powerful, often violent, whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius

January 20, 2009

I joined a gym today! Meeting trainer on Friday when I’m free from work. The gym is really pretty and I plan to make good use of all facilities there. Today, I tackled some weight machines, and one cardio machine. Then I felt queasy, so I stopped.

We (Hieu, Georgie and myself) headed to KFC thereafter.
Pointless? I think not.

With the lack of rain, and the intolerable heat that struck suburban Sydney today, we were driven by Alicia to Jenny’s house, and spent most of the day in her air-conditioned rumpus room. I saw many faces: some that I haven’t seen for ages, some that I haven’t seen for even longer than ages. Very brieft catch-ups.
I also made friends with two of her dogs: Stacy and Tracy? (I forgot their namess :( I know all the names, but can’t match up faces to names)
Thankyou Jenny for having us over- funn! :D

Thankyou Abarna for clearing my mind and telling me what is best for me: sometimes its hard to focus with the maelstrom that is my social life.

I think not having those that are truly important around you most of the time, makes you look for alternatives to confide your deepest thoughts and worries with.  Clearly, this is my attempt to fill the void of my distant,  significant others; or it’s a severe case of verbal regurgiation- I really hope that it isnt it.  I should learn to keep things that are personal to myself and not express my thoughts about them to anyone if I do not feel comfortable.
I hope that you aren’t affected by what I’ve already said. I feel very silly now.

Time to go play on the uke; it makes me feel better (:


2 Responses to “maelstrom (noun). a powerful, often violent, whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius”

  1. Pho Says:

    Which gym?

  2. Ken Says:

    I believe Maelstrom is an item in DotA that grants the following:

    +6 Agility
    +25 damage
    Chain Lightning (orb, passive)

    It also requires the following items to create:

    Boots of Elvenskin

    * Please note that orb effects do not stack.

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