impecunious (adj). having little or no money

January 25, 2009

Upon digesting the word this morning for the first time, I chuckled to myself as the word itself instantaneously reminded me of a friend who never fails to mention how impecunious he is. Hello to this said friend ;)

I just got back from a session at the gym with Vlad- what an awesome dude. He made me smile. I feel very excited about the program he has designed for me.
I am current at 23% body fat, healthy but can be improved.  He says that our target is less than 20%.
My height (officially) is now 157cm – loud and proud:D; weight 54kg-not so loud and proud.
I dont remember any of the other measurements.
I conquered my target weight/strength workouts, and 60mins of cardiovascular stuff. Twas fun.

I think what keeps me going on the cardio is the television that is provided: I love Cartooon Network.  It has been ages since I’ve watched an epidsode of Powerpuff Girls, so naturally I forget why I liked them.
Then, watching back to back episodes today made me realise the fundamental themes that are encrypted in the cartoon show:  it presents a force of girl power/womanhood against the many misogynistic undertones in society.
Neglecting the minor fact that it was the creation of a male scientist, the Powerpuff Girls shows the empowerment of females against the male bad-guys.
(I would elaborate, but I will do so later as I am in a rush to get ready for my second CNY dinner at my granparents tonight)

I also finished enrolling for universirty.  I did so this afternoon before heading out to the gym. It was a tedious, even strenuous task, but I finished! :D
I have 3 days of uni classes and lectures a week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  Meaning that I have Thursday and Friday off. How glorious.
However, I am quite concerned about the bulk of learning I’ll have on the three days, and am contemplating to spread out my classes across the week.  Right now, my timetable stands as this:

I have hectic Wednesdays don’t I? :S

Anyway, must go get ready now. Elaborate sooon.


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