vitriolic (adj). bitterly scathing;caustic

January 27, 2009

I spent this morning at the gym doing all my workouts part of the strength program and completed 40 mins of CV work. I shall pick up on it tomorrow morning (if I go to bed before 11pm).
Vlad was also there doing leg extensions; he really is a cute man. After his quick chat with George, he questioned me about George’s half Russian-ess, which I confirmed. He said something to this effect that made me chuckle on the cross-trainer and lose my motion/pace:

Somewhere down the line, history’s conflict made us merge and there are a lot of half Russian, half Chinese people around *interlocks fingers*

He really is an awesome man.

I think that going to the gym in the morning has given me a lot of energy to last me throughout the day, but I am extremely tired now and am in dire need of sleep.

I spent most of the afternoon with beautiful people that go by the name Leena and Shimene around the city.  Our main purpose was to enrol Leena into uni and obtain our uni IDs.
I really am excited about starting uni now, even though I’m not doing a law discipline yet. I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun meeting new people this year, considering I’ll be entering the International Studies program with no buddy. I’m a bit anxious still though.

I was so lucky that after lunch, Shimene went to show Peter some shoes, because I found the pair of Siren shoes (that I bought earlier that morning for $100 from $130) for $50! Even better, Peter used his groovy staff discout and I got the pair $35! (H)
I can’t refund the $100, but I’m entitled to a credit note that doesnt expire, so yessss! :D
I got these pair of babies, but in a tan/yellow colour: (I think I want the black ones now)

Shimene and Leena a great people: thank you for today dears (L)

I spend most of the evening thinking about stuff, then falling asleep not too long after a few minutes of musings.

Apologies for the rather bland blog; bounce back when my mind is filled with nonsense and the literacy to use vitriolic in proper context.

Thankyou to you, blog reader, for coming back to this blog. I think a new layout should be good to the eyes? (Stay tuned)


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