scintilla (noun). a minute amount; an iota or trace

January 29, 2009

I’m am finally free of work (for the next four days). Yippee.
I think the only thing that pulls me through the tedious Thursday evenings at work is the prospect of 4 whole days to do whatever I want (within personal/parental’s moral/ethical limits).

Once again, I am out of touch with domestic and international affairs (my good friend with the alias of James Bond reminded me of reading the paper and what not).  The Diplomat (priced at $8.95) was recommended to me over The Economist (which seems like a more Abarna-thing than a Maggie-thing), so I think I might go find myself a copy and indulge.

I have to make another trip to UNSW before actually starting because I, and other people, very stupidly forgot to pick up the FREE Student Diary, which was supposed to be picked up along with the ID and concession. Seriously, booooo! But I love free stuff more and am will to overlook the scintilla of travelling I have to do on a day off work.

Nothing else of interest to share. Horray to me being boring!


6 Responses to “scintilla (noun). a minute amount; an iota or trace”

  1. anon Says:

    hey there! just wondering where the siren shoes are being sold for $50? thx!

  2. Tan Says:

    Student diaries are also handed out during O-week so save the 90minute trip for party time Oweek styles ;)

  3. James Bond Says:

    Who is James Boag?

  4. Vivien Says:

    Free stuff is always awesome even if completely useless, ie. I noticed that you have already bought a diary.

  5. […] Maggie: Lady Gaga is awesome for singing and dancing to, eh?! And thank you for informing me about the free UNSW diary – I’ll be sure to get it should I enrol there! […]

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