consanguity (noun). relationship by blood or close connection

January 30, 2009

Because I won’t be able to blog later on this evening, I shall do so now.

It is sooo hot right now I think my mental articulation is now toasted- how horrible.
It’s true, my vocabulary has decreased exponentially since the HSC era ceased. I now use the word ‘horrible’ for everything with negative connotations and ‘awesome’ for everything awesome, or cool for a synonym. I think I should really pick up reading again, I have 4 books stacked up on my bedside table eagerly awaiting for the presence of my eyes. I’ll finish Atonement by the end of this weekend.

I am currently on my way to Korean BBQ with the gang from school in celebration of Elton’s 18th! I’m excited as tonight is my first night to try the food, and to go clubbing. Albeit overrated, I hope it is an enjoybale experience!

Be back later for more!


2 Responses to “consanguity (noun). relationship by blood or close connection”

  1. Tee Says:

    Let me tell you what is AWESOME, PHO

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