Weekend No. 4

January 31, 2009

I never thought this day would come: I am too tired to blog.

I returned home late last night and didn’t go sleep until 5. Woke up around 11 then headed out to gym by 12. I was stitching up after a mere 30 minutes of cardio work. I was unde par and I am personally not impressed- let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

My first clubbing experience was okay. I would do it again next month but not next week. My feet were throbbing and I was sticky and stinky; I really don’t know how people get picked up in these places with the mish-mash that is B.O/perspiration.
And I am lacking sleep, which consequently causes me to break out horrendously (Yes! I used another word instead of ‘horrible’)

My mind is running at a negative rate-



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