punctilious (adj). minutely attentive to fine points

February 1, 2009

It has been a rather enjoyable weekend- although very little of it was spent on ‘myself’ (this would include me reading up on foreign affairs and watching DVDs that I’ve acquired for quite a while that just sit and accumalate dust, and also finishing Atonement- oh god).

I attended the markets today, even after saying I wouldnt go because Erin Louise wasnt there this week (she had her engagement this week). I spent most of the beautiful sunny Sunday with Nessa and Kimmy strolling around the markets and looking for some sweet items. I haven’t been there for a fair few weeks now (eversince Nessa left for Thialand), and many of the designs/styles have changed- it’s so exciting.
Seriously, shopping at the markets is 100x more inpsiring than it is shopping in Westfield Shopping Centres, or any shopping  centres for that matter. I really can’t wait to go Glebe/Paddington and Bondi again next week, if my energy levels allow me.  I’m gonna hit the hay early tonight after a chat Darren, so we can go and get my new Macbook/baby! :D

I bought a Macbook case as the crib for my new baby. It’s made of leather, tan in colour. I would take a photo but I’m too tired? I’ll do that tomorrow or the day after. I also bought a couple of other items at reasonable prices…actually, I didn’t get anything over $50 today! Not one item I have here is over $50- sweeet as :D
Kimmy and Nessa scrummaged and also managed to find cute items for $5. It was awesome! (I didn’t scrummage today because I was too tired to :()

I realised whilst prancing around in the markets today that I am quite punctilious when it comes to purchasing items of clothing. I fail to notice flaws until AFTER I buy the item- seriously, FAIL, because it means more stitching or something.  Nonetheless, I’m quite excited about going back next week and doing another round of shopping/scrummaging)

I also realise that I am becoming quite distant from people in school.  Put more simply, relationships are changing/altering too fast for my liking. I really don’t like it, and wish I could do something about it, but I know I can’t.
Take uni timetable for instance- nothing on my timetable aligns with any of my close friends.  The prospect of not being able to chat/hang with them saddens me. Even now, with my work schedule and all, I feel that I’m removing myself from social situations, and henceforth, doesn’t give me the time to share coffee and cake over a fine Thursday morning.

Oh dear, I miss the beach! Oh dear, I miss staying up until 5am in the morning with those kiddies!  Oh dear, I miss The Dota Song!
I want another beach house thing, pleaseeeeeeeeee?

I miss hanging/talking with you. I feel as if I’m neglecting you. Sorrry love ):


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