captious (adj). apt to catch at faults; eager to object; difficult to please

February 3, 2009

I finally had some Maggie-time to myself this afternoon after the gym session and buffet lunch with my maths tutor. It was awesome to catch up with those friendly faces that I call tutor-buddies and the tutor herself.

Maggie-time was spent doing a little cleaning around the house, watching BBC’s Life of Mammels (2 episodes of), and designing my own Erin Louise-inpsired singlet tops! It took up most of the 3 hours before I headed out to Nessa’s place for a mini-BBQ.  It was so lovely to catch up and share stories with the two most beautiful people in the world! I (L) you guys.

Here are the singlets that I attended to today:
img_0265(Yeah, I haven’t sewed one the frills yet; they’re just pinned in place)

And as suspected, all materials used for both singlets was less than $20 :D (Singlets were purchased from Best&Less for $5 each, Frills and Buttons from Lincraft for $2 and $7 respectively) Hooray to initiative.
This is my first outide-of-classroom textile project, so please don’t be captious towards the quality of work put into these tops.
I’m excited to go visit Erin Louise this Sunday with some girlies at the Markets, and be all inspired again! :D

I have work for the next two days- how UNinspiring.


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