surreptitious (adj). done, made, or acquired by stealth; acting or doing something clandestinely

February 5, 2009

Rudd’s fourty-two billion dollar stimulus epitomises what I said earlier (prior to the election) about his governance:  it’s going to fail Australia’s economy.  So much for being the “conservative” spender Mr Rudd.

I know that I lack the knowledge and understanding about the complexities of our capitalist economic system, and would probably lose in an argument where I am against the Government’s decision to splurge credit money which would probably help a lot of the struggling citizens of the country in the current economic crisis (my parent’s included), but I’m pretty sure that with Australia’s level of education, knowledge, and most importantly, initiative, we can probably come up with something that is more effective and doesn’t follow The State’s trend.  I mean, we are a different nation, are we not?

The pay-outs are a risk- not everyone spends.  In fact, most saved up their grand over Christmas, or used it to pay their debts. So evidently, the money isn’t really being used to stimulate the economy as quickly as the government wants.  Albeit it is what the economists are encouraging the government to do to prevent the impact of a recession/depression, I sincerely think Mr. Rudd should think about the consequences in the longer term, which affects my generation; I really don’t want the burden of repaying debt when I start earning an income and paying tax, seriously.

Moving on, I am free of work (How I do love thee Thursday). I have stuff planned, so that’s exciting! :D Things on the agenda include:

  • Gym
  • Lunches
  • Markets
  • Cool kids
  • Hot (perfect-beach-weather) days
  • Macbook (Yes, this deserves its own dot point)

(I am aware that all serreptitiously empties my back pocket.  However, I do restrain myself from spending too much. It should also be noted that I haven’t not obtained my $1000 grant from Christmas yet)

I am finally going to purchase myself a new note/Macbook prior to the start of Sem 1, and play around on it before uni starts! BOY AM I EXCITED :D It shall be my new baby (L)(L)(L)

I should probably go shower now, and head out for some sleep because I’ll  be at gym from 9am tomorrow. See you there! :D


6 Responses to “surreptitious (adj). done, made, or acquired by stealth; acting or doing something clandestinely”

  1. Ken Says:

    “It should also be noted that I haven’t not obtained my $1000 grant from Christmas yet)”

    You mean you haven’t obtained it yet?

    I spent my $1000 on.. Nudies and I don’t know what else.. but I spent it all. So I’m doing the economy good, WAPAAAA!



      OH yes! I meant that
      (thank you Kenny for always correcting my errors :D)

      Still, BOO at Krudd and the boys

  2. James Bond Says:

    Well, I wonder how much better Australia’s economy would fare if Howard was still in office.

    I’m inclined to think that it wouldn’t be much of an improvement over what Rudd has to contend with now, considering how he put most of Australia’s eggs into the resources/mining boom basket – having been fortunate enough to have his time in office coincide with the rise of China – and reduced federal funding for public schools and universities.

    (And think of WorkChoices!) (And Malcolm Turnbull used to be a merchant banker! And recall that they played quite a role – they weren’t the only ones, mind you – in the current economic downturn!)


  3. TIMSUN Says:

    The smart thing to do of course, would be to give the grant only to people who are almost guaranteed to spend it unwisely; which in this case, is young people. :D

    How do we get the money again? I want money but I don’t know how to go about it.

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