afflatus (noun). a divine impartation of knowledge; supernatural impulses; inspiration

February 10, 2009

I saw a lot of people today, which made me really happy on this not-so-sunny day.
FASS Advising Day, lunch with Abarna and chilling with Darren was on the agenda.

I headed out to the station after 8 hours of beautiful sleep.  Alicia made a comment last week that is was ironic that with all the time we have, after HSC, we still manage to be sleep deprived. Seriously, she makes a good point.  I manage only an average of 6 hours sleep a day- it’s really exhausting sometimes.  I think I might not go onto MSN tonight, and head off for an early night.

I bumped into Lena this morning at the station. It was nice to have a brief catch-up with her. There was also an old man who positioned himself next to us on the train benches and plucked up the courage to compliment Lena on her red painted nails. After Lena left, the old man stuck around and continued the conversation with me.  He was my morning train buddy for today, offering me what I soon discovered as a Cuppaccino candy- it was nice.

Arriving at the gates of UNSW, I trecked my way up to where the advisers were (it felt as if I had already burnt all the calories I had taken from my chicken roll as breakfast).  There, I met a girl named Ivy, who became my first uni friend. I had a very nice chat with her- she was extremely cute. I really like her and I look forward to hearing more of her stories! :D
I also met a girl named Elise, but didn’t really get to chat with her. But she’ll be doing what I’m doing, so I hope to see her round.
I realised today that my course is predominantly female with very few (but good looking) males.  It reminds me of going back to a girls school. Boo!

I changed my timetable today, following the suggestion of an adviser when I queried her as to what I could do to figure out which stream I want to do; I am still tossing up between Development Studies and Globalisation Studies.  She suggested that I could do Introduction to Globalisation Studies as an elective, but in place of Criminology.  So now, my timetable looks like this:


I have a less hectic Wednesday, which is good! But I don’t get to do Criminology, which is a bit sad, but I suppose it’s okay.  I would do both, but the lectures totally clash ! :(

After I got all that sorted, I ventured my way to Wynyard to have lunch with Abarna and Davis.  We had a spicy mexican pizza at Ryan’s Bar. It was nice! We also went onto play with Photobooth on Toby (because I bought him out today).  Here are some pictures for you to swoon over:

Pop Art

4 shots!


My new UNSW hoodie! :D

After Abarna and Davis went back to work, I made my way to Darren’s place for some fun chilling time, which I always have with him (:

And now I am here chatting away with Thomas and Bonnie (LOL! Tutor dayssssss HAHAHAHAHA) Thomas’s ‘retarded’ happiness and determination to do well really is an afflaus for me to do well this year in uni. Let’s do well together Thomas! :D

ALL IS GOOD. Except, I realised today on the train that Toby has a scratch on his underside :( HOW AWFUL. I would place a bandaid on it, but I don’t have any nice ones  wahhhhhhhhhh!


3 Responses to “afflatus (noun). a divine impartation of knowledge; supernatural impulses; inspiration”

  1. Reila Says:

    I’m having the same problem with Draco. It doesn’t help that I just throw him around everywhere. I’ll see if I can find any awesome Hello Kitty/Sesame St. bandaids or stickers for Draco and Toby to share!

  2. leenalove Says:


  3. Leena Says:

    And LOL Davis is totally showing his Wombatness in picture 2!

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