eleemosynary (adj). relating to charity, alms, or alms-giving; intended for the distribution of charity

February 13, 2009

(Talk about fitting)

First off, I would like to apologise for the inept use of spoonerisms in my last post. How awfully lazy and un-cool of me to leave it like that and go to sleep after my chat with Nessa. Seriously, my deepest apologies.

So I was shopping at Woolworths the other night, you know, as you do.  And what caught my attention at the counter wasn’t the tabloid magazines that featured the actress that plays Serena van Derwoodsen or the Obama family (althought I was tempted to pick it up and have a look), or the lollies, but rather, it was the sign which informed all paying customers that 100% of the funds earnt, were going to the victims of the Victorian bushfire, dubbed the worse bush fire in Australian history.  My first thought of the whole idea was that it was really nice of the boss of Woolworths to take the initiave and give, generously.  But then cynicism kicked in-
Honestly, do they think that we customers are that blind to whole-heartedly believe that their gonna forfeit all their earnings, especially in the current economic crisis?  How are we to know the inner workings of their accounts and stuff. It just seems like a way to attract more spending and remove the guilt of spending in the eleemosynary hype that is the bushfire appeal.  Even my friend, Abarna, who’s an accountant, has her suspicions.

On another note, I finally figured out how to make a custom ringtone on Toby, so now, I have my original ringtone back; call me anytime baby! ;)

Jason Mraz is coming to Sydney in April- I’m gonna go see him with An. It should be awesome. I love love love(!) his music!
Go swoon over this:
How lovely is he? (L) I’m so excited to see him strum Plane live (if he plays old songs)

Here are some spoonerisms to make up for yesterday:
There once lived a nockroach, let’s name him Coach
He qurried sickly into my Mummy’s room boom
And danced heavenly, but mum came in and said “Git out” (cos she can’t say get properly)
Coach’s plaster man was to get away from the roaring rain of outside.
Poor Coach ended dying two minutes later when mum stomped on him.

I would say my attempt at spoonerisms is epic fail.


2 Responses to “eleemosynary (adj). relating to charity, alms, or alms-giving; intended for the distribution of charity”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    Oh Jason Mraz. I used to listen to The Remedy like crazy when I was in Year 7.


      LOL Timothy- do you listen to Jason Mraz now? :)
      I like his new(est) album better than the Rocket one; if your download permits, or if you have cash handy (Krudd’s money) go purchase! :D

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