unassailable (adj). not open to attack; not subject to question

February 16, 2009

I feel so good having finally finished making Leena’s birthday card, watched both Good News Week and Dexter, checked my e-mails and also filled out my TFN application.  I am now (finally) ready to blog.

The rain doesn’t seem to want to stop coming down and the weather is awfully inconsistent in the land down under. And it’s not heavy or soft rain; it’s instances of heavy rain, instances of sprinkles- which becomes annoying when you think it has stopped raining and you make a conscious decision to do the washing and hang them on the clothes line- and just after five minutes of hanging, the spin-dried clothes become even wetter because the weather decides to be a bitch and start to go pitter-patter. Seriously, I’d rather it just pour for two/three days rather than have it like this for a whole week and maybe a half.
To the star that we call Sun: where art thou? Please show yourself soon and shine those UV rays before I start uni. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Today was a pretty mundane day at work- nothing special except mummy and her routine antics-I love my mum.

It was a pretty good session at the gym this evening, considering I had not been there for the past two days as events on the social calendar has consequently rendered me busy.  I completed all my strength workouts, and clocked eighty minutes on cardio. I finally had sweat dripping- FUCK YES! (excuse the profanity)

During my cardio session in the gym, I tune into ABC1′ evening news and the 7:30 Report- talk about getting two for one! I love being time-efficient :D
Today’s coverage was largely based on the Victorian bushfire and the subsequent insurance claim, Julie Bishop’s stand down as the shadow treasurer (now Joe Hockey! YES!), and the increasing bank fees. All really well covered stories might I add.
What particularly caught the interest of Maggie, however, were not the above mentioned things, but rather the news about the upcoming trials of members of the Khmer Rouge, being charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.  I think it’s high time for the UN to deal with criminals and provide a sense of justice to those who have had their innocent lives stripped away from them during the 1975 regime (Yes, it was more than 30 years ago and they finally are dealing with it)
I still don’t understand why it was not dealt with earlier, before the trials of the offenders of the Yugoslavian ethnic cleansing or the Rwandan genocide, but I sincerely hope the outcomes of the trial doesn’t comply with the skepticism of the French documentary directory-I forgot his name- who believes the court will trial one member and think it’ll suffice as justice, rendering the other offenders unassailable.

Yeah, I’m pretty keen on hearing how it’ll unfold.

Oh dear, I am sorry if I have bored-ed you with all that.

P.S: Weeeee! I am seeing wonderful people tomorrow! YES!:D


2 Responses to “unassailable (adj). not open to attack; not subject to question”

  1. Leena Says:

    OOOOOooooOOOOO I’m excited about seeing your beautiful face tonight. Feels like its been AGGGESSS!

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    I’M HERE. :D

    (Lame joke is really lame, : know)

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