ineffable (adj). incapable of being expressed in words; indescribable

February 20, 2009

Cynthia and An are over at the moment! :D
So I’m gonna keep them company. I would blog and keep them company at the same time, but like..i can’t multitask very well. So GG :)


Okay, now I’m all alone sitting in my room and ready to express myself through this medium.
Today was a relatively fun day.  We had dinner at Rashay’s tonight to celebrate Leena’s 18th Birthday.

It’s really nice when all the people you love are just there. I really believe in my friends-it makes life so much more better and worth living. You can’t help but smile when they’re around. You even live vicariously through them because friends have that effect on you.  When they’re happy, you’re happy; when they’re down, you can’t help but feel that little bit sad as well because you only want the best for them.  I value all my friendships.  They keep me going with life- they’re the inspiration.

But then you sometimes have friendships that fall apart. It hurts when you realise it, but then you start to think about why it is that it falls apart, then you realise perhaps that it is better to let it go than persist.  You miss the bond that was once there, but then you think about how they hurt you, then you move on and learn to not hurt others that way (because you know how it feels).

Then you have the special friendship, that are special because they’re simply ineffable. I love this one the best.

Put simply: I do believe in frienship. I do, I do. (Does anyone remember where this is from?)

I don’t take my camera out that much anymore. I think I should.


One Response to “ineffable (adj). incapable of being expressed in words; indescribable”

  1. Leena Says:

    A friend accepts you for who you are, but expects you to be all you can be.
    – Richard Louv, from “The Web of Life”

    I love you friend :)

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